Changes. Lots of changes!

Oh my goodness. So much has changed since I last posted.

I’ve moved out of the flat I did my grieving in and into another. I now live in a city (how did that happen?) And I’m settled and enjoying it (WHAT? I’m a village type!)

The part of Coventry I live in does have the feel of a smaller community. All the same, I’ve found home. The things I need urgently are close by and there is a good bus service 7 days a week. Actually, the good bus service still surprises me. The bus stopped so early in Rugby that nice as the place is, I often felt very stuck.

I’ve been here four months now, and fairly typically have still not finished unpacking. It’s coming along but is taking ages.

I’ve been crafting and creating. I’m hoping to post pictures of things I’ve made. Mainly it’s yarn based but given my love of cooking and my Scottish heritage there are food based projects in the mix.

I think the nature of this blog will evolve. I’m not the same person who first started the blog. My thoughts and ideas have changed. Life experience changes us all and so I have no issue with adapting my little blog to fit with my life.

Keep watching!

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I always seem to be whinging

And I’m not happy that I do that.

It’s been a year at least since I last posted and that’s both good and bad. I’ve got out of the habit of posting and I don’t really keep a written diary so things bottle up inside and I get miserable and all the other negative emotions.

Today’s whinge?

My friend Anna made a batch of Elderberry cordial. Its delicious, I love it. Problem is, drinking too much of it seems to give me migraines and it ferments if you keep it too long at room temperature and I can’t drink alcohol as it brings on depression until its out of my system. Depending how much I drink (and I have no way of knowing the strength of this delicious stuff) it can be a week before I feel normal – or my version if that – again.

That said, it is a lovely day out there and I’m doing my favourite task: laundry. This week I’ve created two new blogs for specific things. I got fed up of not being able to find my handwritten book of favourite recipes so I’m blogging my favourites as a way of me not losing them. I have also restarted my slimming journey, so there’s a blog for that too. I haven’t linked them to this blog. They are public but in a way I want to keep them to myself for a bit. They may be visible on my avatar, I haven’t been bright enough to check that yet.

Final thought, I’m over a year into my wait for an allotment. I’ve heard nothing so far and suspect that is normal.

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Happy birthday Erica!


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Being busy

I’ve been busy and tired and tired and busy. A lot has happened since I last posted. I’ll make some time and talk about it soon.

I’m well aware that there’s not much that is more annoying than a blogger who doesn’t blog!

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Nerd alert

I have a fascination for mountains, volcanoes, oceans, earthquakes, generally geology I suppose.

After Eyjafjallajökull went off last year in Iceland I was glued to the news, trying to learn as much as I could about a subject I love. Imagine my face when I found that Julia Bradbury had walked the Landmallalauger (goodness I hope I spelled that right!) Trail to the volcano itself. The BBC have put the documentary on several times since and every time I find it I want to watch nothing else!

The enormity of the landscape, the changes that are happening quickly there which happened millions of years ago here in England. It’s so incredible, makes me just stare and wish I could be there seeing it for myself rather than watching it on a screen. I feel hampered by my health in many ways, its something I think of doing and then think “but I can’t, my chest would never cope with climbing mountains” In actual fact I’ve never really tested it in mountains. Perhaps I should. Anyone fancy taking me hiking in Wales or Scotland?

The mountains I deal with at the moment tend to be along the lines of laundry, ironing, dishes, batch cooking, batch baking… the boringness that is my own housework that no one but me will see. Its a sad fact that I find it easier to iron someone else’s shirts and make someone else’s sandwiches than vacuum my own home and cook meals for myself.

Pack in the pity party miss and empty the bin before your lift to church bangs on your door. Oops, too late!

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I’ve been pondering about time a lot lately.

There seems to be so little of it now. With all the technology available to us, I still struggle to get everything done and get enough rest.

I do feel sometimes that with all the advances we’ve made over time we have lost the ability to take time to be, to go with the natural rhythm of day and night and season. Am I the only one to feel this way? Somehow I suspect not.

I am reclaiming my time though, finding ways to do the things I want to do regardless of how full my time is. I’m also finding ways to simplify my lifestyle. Waste less time shopping is one thing I’ve achieved so far, it means I worry less and spend less money too, ideal really!

Knitting on the way to work means the projects I want to work on get done without my stressing about it. Napping on the way home makes for an easier evening!

Weary bones are crying out for rest now, so night all.

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Normal Saturday, non normal weekend.

I’ve been mostly eating flapjack today, as one does having just make some for the first time (at home anyway – elsewhere is a different matter!)

Been a bit of a mix today, had a chilled out morning as normal, then went into town to pay some bills and it turns out that the only bank one of the bills can be paid into doesn’t open on a saturday. That kind of tells me that they will have to wait until I can sort out my own bank. Silly people.

It’s not all bad, I did achieve some knitting this morning without mistakes and my house is a lot cleaner now than it has been for a week, but given the amber weather alert we’ve had, the washing had to wait. I’m not risking my clothes flapping around the rooftops of some poor confused person in Skegness!

On a final rather sober note, while I know that a mass murderer was caught earlier this year, I know that the pain of loss doesn’t go. If you are hurting this weekend, you are in my heart. I pray that your pain lessens even as the memory of your loved one remains clear in your mind and heart.

Take care everyone.

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Amazing but gut wrenching

I read a book that I found at work today. The nature of what I do means I often find books I’ve never seen or not read before.

This one surprised me though. ” My dad died and its all God’s fault” is the story of a young boy’s journey through grief. It’s a heart rending read, it certainly was for me; it bought back some of my own pain. Maybe I needed to find it because I stood alone in that room sobbing, trying to read through my tears. This doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to now, so the fact that I sobbed my way from page to page kind of told me that there was more pain that I was ready to let go of. Tears I will never have to cry again were let flow today and behind them was a little more peace and understanding.

In other news, two of my friends are getting married tomorrow and part of the celebration will be at the house I worked at today so I was blitzing rooms to have them nice for  the wedding party and relations. It was nice to see the mothers of the bridal party chatting away together as they prepared food for the event. I won’t be at the celebration, but I wish them well and will congratulate them when Isee them together another day.

I’m huddled down in a blanket tonight, I want to knit but the only projects I have are a bit complex for my level of tiredness tonight, so maybe not! Oh yes, I did make myself some flapjack tonight, nice and simple. I’ve got to get to grips with this being nice to myself thing. I haven’t done it for ages!

Night peoples, a blanket is great but a bed will be warmer still!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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It beggars belief

Sometimes I just think the world has gone utterly crazy, sometimes I know it has!

What has me shaking my head today is this news link I found on the BBC website this morning. Just what is the RMT union thinking? A two day strike at this kind of notice in the middle of the week?

Do they really not care how many people will not be able to get home from work or not get to work or – even worse – not make their flight for their holiday? I use the London Underground fairly infrequently, but when I do it’s because I have to get somewhere for a certain time. To be faced with a service that’s not operational because of strike action would make me incandescent with rage. I wish I was joking about that.

A group of my friends are meeting in London today for the first time, at least one of them has come from Europe for it, and now their meeting will now be completely marred by having to make sure they get the tube before the strike starts or trying to negotiate a crowded bus service during the evening.

*and breathe*

OK. All that said, I have Classic FM playing on the radio, and they are playing pretty tunes aimed at soothing the savage beast and I think it might just be working! I am not swearing at Oliver who has decided to pester me just as I sat down to eat, or the fact that my lunch didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to.

I do still need to think fast on what to eat later today, but thats not unusual for me. I’ll sort it, because I hate going hungry at work!

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