Monthly Archives: August 2013

I always seem to be whinging

And I’m not happy that I do that.

It’s been a year at least since I last posted and that’s both good and bad. I’ve got out of the habit of posting and I don’t really keep a written diary so things bottle up inside and I get miserable and all the other negative emotions.

Today’s whinge?

My friend Anna made a batch of Elderberry cordial. Its delicious, I love it. Problem is, drinking too much of it seems to give me migraines and it ferments if you keep it too long at room temperature and I can’t drink alcohol as it brings on depression until its out of my system. Depending how much I drink (and I have no way of knowing the strength of this delicious stuff) it can be a week before I feel normal – or my version if that – again.

That said, it is a lovely day out there and I’m doing my favourite task: laundry. This week I’ve created two new blogs for specific things. I got fed up of not being able to find my handwritten book of favourite recipes so I’m blogging my favourites as a way of me not losing them. I have also restarted my slimming journey, so there’s a blog for that too. I haven’t linked them to this blog. They are public but in a way I want to keep them to myself for a bit. They may be visible on my avatar, I haven’t been bright enough to check that yet.

Final thought, I’m over a year into my wait for an allotment. I’ve heard nothing so far and suspect that is normal.

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