The slowness of the Post-Christmas three days

I’ve been feeling bogged down by this virus today, to my shame I only just managed to get dressed before my groceries arrived. But I have eaten and rested and done some sorting out and planning and I think I’ve managed to retrieve the day. I’ve even found my bike lights, ready for a trip later this week… out on the bike where they’ve been for the last six months – oops!

I can report that yesterday I went out on the Kings House Annual Christmas Outing, which was delayed due to Christmas day falling on Sunday and lots of people having things to do on Monday. There were quite a few of us and we went to Arrow Valley Lake. It was enjoyable although I completely neglected to take any photographs. I’m sorry. I’ll try harder and get something for later this week. It’s a good place to walk, with an easy walk and a longer walk, depending on your ability. I took the shorter one and had some good chats.

Now, back to my list of what I do and don’t need for my next trip! Food is off the list as I’m having lunch with someone, and checking bike tyres needs to be on it as it will save me getting bus fares at each end of the trip.

See you soon!

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