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Learning to dance in the rain

Black furry companionI lost my voice last week and have spent a good part of the week trying to rest off a virus that went from my sinuses to my chest. It’s been intensely boring. There really is only so much tv one person can watch in a day without trying to climb the walls! Get this: I got so bored I even did some washing up! It wore me out and I went back to bed to sleep but at least it wasn’t tv.

I’m still coughing now but the tv is off. It’s time to try returning to life again, and multitasking in my normal way has to at least be attempted. My small black furry companion may not appreciate that her outsize hot water bottle is on the move again but that’s too bad, life is starting again here. I’d love to go for a walk down the canal, but I’m not sure I’m up to that yet. Shame really as its a nice bright day out there for a change.

I’m still debating an invitation out this weekend. I think it will get declined in the end as the coughing fits come with no warning and leave me exhausted. Also, there will be lots of children and babies around. I don’t want my gift to their mothers to be this virus!

I’m becoming aware in my campaign of life over existence that its a balance of listening to everything and deciding what’s important. It’s important to get well at this moment, but a few days hence there will be something worth getting very tired for. I don’t yet know what it will be but it will come.

It’s true though, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. As I said in the title, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Now where did I..? Argh! I need to buy wellies to go with the rain-dance brolly!

Have fun!

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Not just existence

I have a tendancy to feel sorry for myself sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes if I’m honest. I’m pretty good at listing my wrongs and getting lots of sympathy.

This is all well and good, but I’ve been realising that by listing all my wrongs and getting sympathy I’m not giving myself the space to move on from them. They are bad, tough things do happen, so does illness; but I’m finally learning that it’s there to be learned from, to gain experience, move on and be able to help people down the line.

So here is my aim in life, redefined. Call it my New Years resolutions come early if you will. I’m going to put my energy into enjoying now and looking forward to what is coming, remember the past but not dwell on it more than it deserves. I’m going to remember that bad stuff happens to everyone, not just me. That its called life and dealing with it is called living. I’m not going to exist, I’m going to thrive.

I think this is a pretty important realisation, hence deciding that it’s worthy of a post of its own. I can hear something in my own brain saying something on the lines of at flippin last, she’s got the point. So here goes. Hence forth, life; not just existence.

Wanna watch? I’ll let you!

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