Godspeed, Cyril

“If I should die and leave you here awhile,
Be not like other, sore undone, who keep
Long vigils by the silent dust, and weep.
For my sake turn again to life and smile,
Nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do
Something to comfort weaker hearts than thine.
Complete those dear unfinished tasks of mine
And perchance I may therein comfort you.”

I do not know the author of this short piece, I don’t pretend I am clever enough to write something like this myself.

Cyril passed away recently and it was his funeral today. It was a standing room only affair, he was well loved in the church. The stories bought more than one laugh, and as expected, more than one tear.

I almost didn’t go at all. Mum is away caring for my cousins while their mother is in hospital, Marygrace had to take her son to hospital today. I was It as far as housework was going today and most of that wasn’t going to happen. Then my dad and Lee helped out, dad helped with dinner prep and Lee did a load of cleaning.

I was half an hour late and had to stand right at the very back. My feet were killing – its not every day I subject them to 3” heels. The wind had messed up my hair and the suit hadn’t been quite enough to keep the wind from chilling me and I was feeling pretty fed up.

Then I started listening. The stories of Cyril’s rebelling against the system, Cyril loving people, Cyril loving God, Cyril fighting on even when illness started slowing him down. The memorable thing that was said of him was that his fighting spirit was never more obvious than when he became really ill, he kept on keeping on long after many others would have given up.

Now I’m back from the funeral and the suit jacket should be back on the hanger but isn’t yet, but the dinner is done and I’m taking the chance to lie down in a quiet room with my sore feet and swollen ankles up, I’m glad I pushed through and went to say Godspeed. (Even if it did pelt down with rain at the committal!)

Its been a good day overall and about to be a good evening. I best change out of the rest of this suit though first!

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