Quiet Sunday in September

I’ve been doing normal sunday things today. Well kind of. I didn’t do much knitting and I was annoyed by that as I have projects I really want to get on with but can’t because this silly scarf is still on my pet pair of short needles. Rah.

I’ve been mentally preparing for the high winds expected tomorrow when the remnants of Hurricane Katia arrive tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it will be nowhere near hurricane force but we haven’t had serious wind that required met office warnings for years so I’m a bit bothered about it.

On the subject of knitting, I’ve just looked across the room and seen a completed project that needs to be washed and dried and mailed to its new owner. Talk about chasing tails.

There is one tiny fact that I noticed today. Someone else has begun calling me Rae. I really do like being called Rae, and I nearly hugged the person in question for doing it, except that they would probably have fallen over backward with surprise if I had. *short pause to picture the scene and chuckle*

I was proud of Stephen tonight, he did a really good job of speaking in the evening, all about the love of Jesus. He put his own angle on it and I thought it was great.

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