Daunting task

It’s a daunting task knowing where to start summing up what’s happened recently.

After I got home from the camping trip with Paul I plunged into the mammoth job of coping with being unemployed for unknown period of time. In the event it was only two weeks, but it was a pretty scary time. I knew I wanted to be a domestic assistant  with the church and I knew I was needed but a variety of people needed to approve a variety of things before I could start working.

In addition to all that I was burned out from the nursing home and I needed a scary number of early (and long) nights to cope.

I have also turned out to be wheat intolerant since leaving the home and I now suspect it developed while I was at the home; thinking back to how exhausted I was, the frequency of tummy upsets, the low mood, you name it. A good friend recommended that I try going wheat free, and within 3 or 4 days I felt dramatically better. Trying to eat wheat again more recently has made me feel as rough as I was before so although it looks like more hassle its actually better if I make the effort to avoid wheat.

I started working as the domestic assistant and immediately felt good about the job. Its still a fairly long day but generally I have energy when I get home where before I got home and fell into bed before the alarm could go for the next shift. I’m even finding the capacity to clean and tidy my own home again. I no longer live in a bomb site!

Knitting has continued apace (did I mention that I had returned to knitting?) and a whole variety of items are leaving my hands – along with the release of stress that comes from using my hands in simple repetitive movements.

Time to go. Good night!

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