Trevedra Farm and what I did there

I’ve just come home from a camping holiday. It was shorter than I usually go away for, just a few days instead of a full week plus travelling but there were good reasons for doing it this way this year – like the fact that on a bank holiday monday the train fares can be 300% higher than on a normal day. Crazy but true. I needed to save money so in spite of desperately needing the holiday I cut it short and went a few days later.

Trevedra Farm is a working farm and campsite next door to Sennen Cove and right around the corner from Lands End. They’ve built a new reception building that houses the onsite shop and a cafe (the burger van of previous visits is no longer in use). They also added to the shower block – there are now more utility sinks which is a very good thing, it’s a popular site and you can be queueing up with your pile of pots and plates if you time it wrong! They have signs up saying they prefer to improve rather than repair and the changes since my last visit definitely bear that out.

My brother Paul came with me this year. Mum and Dad dropped us at Liskeard train station and we made our own way down Cornwall from there. The perspective you get from the window of a train is pretty good, you see a part of Cornwall that you would never see from a car, certainly not while driving said car. From Penzance we got the bus down to the campsite, Paul sat upstairs getting the best view, I minded the bags downstairs!

It was great taking Paul because he’s not been camping in a very long time and it was nice to see things through his eyes. The fact that we are so close to the sea is something I’m used to but it was amazing for him to be able to wake up and see it in the morning, look over at tea time, look for Longships after dark, try and see the Isles of Scilly through the haze.

The friendliness you find on the site always lifts me. People on their way down to the beach to surf will smile and chat although if they’re after a particular tide it may only be a smile. The people camping each side of us always chatted for a few minutes at breakfast time, people on the way to and from the tap would chat too.

Anyway, on Thursday we walked round to Lands End on the coastal path armed with food and camera and binoculars. It’s not far but on a hot day it feels longer than it is, but we walked there taking pictures as we went – and just happened to see the helicopter land on Longships for maintenance work – and then walked around the attraction itself before walking back again. The coastline along that short stretch is amazing, well worth making sure of a camera for.

On Friday we were still footsore from the hike so we took our food and our sunburn down onto the beach and relaxed. Well, I did, Paul went in the sea and enjoyed the waves. I managed once again to be less than thorough with my sunlotion and having burned my face on Thursday, I burned my legs on Friday. Bad Plan. The only way off the beach here is up a flight of steps. Trevedra is only about quarter of a mile from the sea, but it is just above 100 metres above sea level. That’s a lot of steps whichever way you look at it, and sunburned knees do not like bending, trust me on this point!

Mum and Dad picked us up from the campsite on Saturday morning and we went to St Micheals Mount for a while before heading up the county to Liskeard and a family barbecue. I’ve miscalculated coming here before. There’s only one day per week that the island is closed to the public. Guess which day that is? Yep, Saturday. All the shops were shut, the house was closed to the public and the ferries that run when the tide is in were not running either. We did walk around and take some pictures of areas that we could see but it was galling not to be able to eat in the tearoom there, or be able to show the gardens off. Still it was a nice day, we ate on the island and admired the view and then wandered back across the causeway long before the tide returned.

Dad drove us across most of Cornwall before reaching Liskeard, I think he just wanted to see a bit more than he usually does, which was fair enough. The barbecue went on well into the evening and gave us all chance to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in almost a year and then in less happier circumstances. Stephen gave an amazing demonstration of skipping, almost everyone climbed what is now known as the family tree, the small ones showed off their latest jokes and songs and dances.

Then it was into a real bed and a chance to try and sleep through painful sunburn. It was an exercise in futility but worth trying regardless

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