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Planning in the spring sunshine

I’m sitting outside in the sun with my coffee right now. It’s my day off. I actually have laryngitis and can barely speak, but the beauty of the internet is that I don’t have to say a word and don’t feel the need to try to, as opposed to being at work and out with friends where I constantly want to speak and communicate. In some ways the internet is fantastic like that. It gives me a means of communication that allows me to rest at the same time. I hope that made sense!

The cats are making the most of the warm weather and my day off, spending every spare moment outside rather than trapped in the flat. I have to say that one of the few down sides of this flat is that there’s no way to fit a cat flap so my poor moggies have had to adapt to being mostly indoors. I can’t leave a window open while I’m at work all day, it would be far too much of a security risk.

*short break to check laundry and pour a fresh coffee*

I’m still sitting outside in a sleeveless top and bare feet. It seems a little hard to believe now that only a few weeks ago we were dealing with freezing temperatures that haven’t been experienced in my lifetime. The birds are at it, I saw an eggshell in the grass just a few days ago, the daisies and speedwell are rocketing out of the ground, magnolias in flower, on the list goes. Most importantly, my mood is better. I’m a nicer person when the sun comes out. I’ve always said I was a winter person, I see now that while snow and ice are all very well, actually the short days and foul weather do get me down a lot, and I have to really fight to keep my head up.

Oliver is doing what cats do best, sleeping on the path in the sun!

It occurred to me while I was trying to chat with my neighbour that I’ve been in this flat a year now. Exactly a year ago I was signing contracts, collecting keys and wishing that the cat hadn’t peed all over me and the van seat. It was a nice day that day too, Dad and Paul helped me pack the old house into the van and Chris and Erica helped us all unpack at the new flat. The flat looked almost as bad to start with as the house did before I started emptying it into the van. Come to think of it, I could do with tidying up a bit now.

I have a lot of plans this year. I do find that now is a good time to be planning, not new year. It’s the bleakest and lowest time and all I want to do is keep one foot in front of the other and get through the dark. One of those plans involves Church, getting more involved with it. Exactly how that will pan out we will all find out together.

Take care and enjoy the weather!

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