I’ve been keeping a secret

Sunrise on the way to work

I have been rather mean lately. Something big has happened in my life that I have not breathed a word about and I really should tell you at least something of it.

I got a job. After six months of hunting, my dream job finally showed up and I’m working again, doing something I really love to do. Truth be told I’ve actually been working a month now, but I’ve been pretty tired adjusting to a new routine of earlier starts and occasional later finishes and days off when I wouldn’t normally have them and working through weekends where previously they have been time off to rest etc.

Right. I’m now a care assistant in a nursing home not far from Rugby. I cycle 10 miles a day and am on my feet for all but about an hour of the working day. It is a very rewarding job, something I have been wanting to do for most of my working life. It’s definitely a job for someone who can just see something that needs doing and do it, who isn’t overly picky about whether they might get their hands dirty.

It’s been pretty tiring to get used to though. I’ve had to adjust to getting far more exercise than ever before in my life, and I’ve been used to standing for most of the working day for much of my working life, and the shift patterns are different, sometimes needing me to work longer hours than before. Those who know me personally will know how I get on with early wake-up calls: I now have to get up at six am every work morning. It also means that I can’t stay up late. The job is so active that I need the full eight hours as often as I can get them. It’s not possible to cut into that eight hours more than once or so a week, and certainly not two days running!

I guess from reading this over that it must be easy to see that I’m pretty tired today even though it’s my day off today. I’m hiding from the washing up by typing this in bed!

In other news, I still miss Dan a lot. The last anniversary of his funeral had me off at the knees; I was glad it was a day off work as I would never have been able to paint a smile on, the tears would have washed it away instantly. The time is passing, and i am able to live life, but I’m really rather glad that I never will forget him, even though it does mean the tears from time to time. I’d rather have the tears than no memory of him at all.

Life has changed a lot this year, but the new job really does help me to feel that I’ve come through it and out the other side stronger than the person I was a year ago. I can feel another post brewing already. Maybe normal service will resume here too, you never know!

Take care.

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One thought on “I’ve been keeping a secret

  1. Jane

    I’d got the idea of “got a job” from Facebook, but no details. Sounds like you’re enjoying it, and that’s what matters.
    Which care home? My new-ish job is all about supplying e-learning to care homes – maybe you’re one of my customers?

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