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Been broken 2 years, no one’s come to fix it…

Well, that’s what all my neighbours have said, the drain cover was hanging off, some inebriated person could have broken an ankle on it.

Recently in the hot weather the sewer beneath blocked and so we had an overflow and the accompanying aroma, and still everyone said about how no one would come and fix it…

Odd how a call to the local water board got the blockage rodded the same day and the drain cover itself fixed in 2 weeks…

No, a drain doesn’t fix itself, and I doubt if the water board has enough staff to do inspections, but what stops people picking up a phone and reporting a hazard, particularly a health hazard like this one was?

Rant over, smell gone, life calm.

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My body is a temple

Although to look at me you might not believe it. I haven’t been treating myself with the respect required of a temple!

For those who follow this blog, the news that I’ve gained a lot of weight probably won’t come as too much of a surprise. It hasn’t been an easy year, and I do very easily head for the kitchen when I’m unhappy.

However, finding that my biggest stretch jeans didn’t want to stay fastened any more was a wakeup call that I couldn’t ignore. Stepping on the scales dampened more than one hankie and so a trawl around the net and questioning a variety of friends led to joining Slimming World.

Several of us joined as a group in one week, it’s been good, cause we come away from the scales, and there’s no way you can pretend to two of your best friends that you’ve had a good week if you haven’t, and likewise, you can’t quite hide it when you’ve reached a milestone either! To be fair I will say that my friends have overtaken me on the weight-loss thing already. They are better at planning their days and seem to be better able to stick to eating the right things and not reaching for a bag of sweets or a pastry than I am, but I live in hopes that I’ll catch them up soon and keep pace with them. I am learning to use the tools available and how to avoid the pitfalls that come by every few seconds (wine, chocolate, sweets, pastries, cakes) and when it’s ok to have just a bit of something by way of a treat.

It’s not like you go hungry on Slimming World, there’s plenty of foods that you can run wild on, I’m just still learning to not reach for the foods that made me the shape I am, and head instead for foods that taste just as good, but will help me become the shape I want to be.  That in itself is a semi-untrue statement actually. I don’t really have a problem with my size or shape; the thing that really sent me flying to lose weight was the fact that my BMI was almost 40 – pushing me into the realms and the reach of the obesity-related illnesses and diseases. I’m not at all happy about that fact, and it’s that more than my dress size that is pushing me to lose the weight and head for a safer BMI.

I know it can be done, I have lost weight unaided before, but not having learned properly the principles of how to eat wisely, I feel that doing this journey with Slimming World will teach me, and when I reach target I will be lighter, but I’ll also be healthier and hopefully happier with myself as a result and better able to respect the body I have been given to live out my life in.

Take care!

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One day I will learn

Fountain and Nelson's ColumnOne day I will learn how to live life without wearing myself out completely!

I went to London on Saturday to join the Jesus army’s London Day. It was great. Full of colour and sound and life and friends. I didn’t take loads of pictures, but that’s just me. I live life at the time and kind of forget the camera dangling from my wrist like a Wii remote from a tired child’s!

I did take some pictures though, which is just as well; three days after the even I’m still worn out in spite of having done the minimum and trying to rest as much as possible.

We gathered at Hyde Park Corner to start and made our way through Picadilly Circus and on to Trafalgar Square. As is normal on such occasions, there were whistles and horns and dancing people and flags and banners and loudpseakers and stuff. I’m not doing it justice here at all!

Trafalgar square had a large stage set up at the foot of the column and from there a variety of dramas and dances were portrayed for the great and good of London to witness.

I have to confess that by the time we reached the square I was pretty tired. I had breakfast at 7am, and we reached Trafalgar square somewhere around 1pm. Nothing to eat before I got there, and not much to drink, having tried to travel light on the march. I snacked on my packed lunch over the next several hours, but didn’t really find somewhere I felt I could sit and tuck in properly. I did find friends to chat to around the square and was able to give one in particular some very real help in terms of pain relief.

It wasn’t a bad day, but I’m realising as I record it that much of it is coloured by the fact that I was tired then and haven’t managed to shake it off now. I did desperately need to be able to find one person to sit and chat with, and while I was able to chat with people, there wasn’t really one proper spot that I could sit that wasn’t covered by a person or by spray blown from the fountain. Hark at me whinging at my one-day-per-year trip to London!

I’ve been resting since then, I stayed in bed all day Sunday; and yes, for those who wonder, it did feel wrong not going to church. I’ve got to sign on tomorrow, but I could really do with staying home and resting some more!

Enough whining from me, I’m going to resT up and see if I can shake this cold bug thing that’s grabbed me lately (yes, thats a lot of why I haven’t posted sooner and am in such a poor me mood now!)

Take care.

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