Gentle Day

It’s a bit hard to think about it now, but I’m leaving the Lincolnshire quiet behind tomorrow and going back to the wilds of Bedfordshire with my cats.

I have to because work starts again on Monday and while I could leave it til monday morning to return, that cats will be very unsettled and I want to be there to make sure they are ok. Still, it’s not nice having been in small village that feels like home the second I set foot in it to have to return to somewhere that has always felt a bit temporary if I’m honest.

Oliver has made the lounge windowsill his home here and he’s going to miss the chance to sit and watch the world go by with only glass in front of him and a hot radiator close by. Jewel is finally (after 10 days) leaving the bedroom under her own steam but is still very unsure of being in a room with 3 or more people in it. Poor girl, I’m guessing she’ll relax a bit, but will definitely have to get used to it when we move permanently in April.

I say gentle day because it’s been productive. The cats gave us a quiet night and so bolstered by more sleep than usual we’ve got a lot done on some work that Dan’s been trying to clear out, as well as work out things like where all my stuff’s going to go when I finally arrive, literally bag and baggage! It’s not been hard, some might call it a drifty day. Not getting lots done, but then not doing nothing at all.

Never mind, there’s a three course roast beef dinner tonight!

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