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More snow

It was lovely to have snow on my birthday, really it was. I had a lovely day and felt really special. I’ve had gifts that showed me that the giver had thought of what I’d like and shopped accordingly.

I even got a couple of texts from two people who know reminding me that it was snowing on the day I was born!

We had bucks fizz followed by a full English breakfast, and after a quiet but enjoyable day we went out and had a meal at an Italian restaurant, which was really nice.

The journey home was a bit of a nightmare, my train broke down, so I had to wait over an hour for the next and missed my connection, and only caught the next train to my destination by virtue of the fact that it had been delayed by 5 minutes.

I walked to work 3 days last week, and my hips and knees protested for the next 4 days, I really could do without any more snow now til spring, but no, there’s more falling as I type. Wonderful. Hopefully this batch will only be a thin layer and will melt away soon and leave is with the crocuses and snowdrops we like to see!

Now, right this minute, I’m going to collect a cup of coffee and hang up some clean washing, probably in the reverse order, but that’s next!

Take care and stay safe.

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Or rather, the post-Christmas muffin-top you get when you try and put on your work jeans that fitted fine three weeks ago only to find you have to lie on the bed to fasten them!

I wasn’t best pleased at that, they’ve been cutting into me something awful today; partly because I’ve gained weight after all the feasting we did over Christmas and partly because it’s so cold I’m wearing long leggings under my jeans at all times!

As I said just before New Year, one of my promises is to regain control over my eating habits and eat correctly 90% of the time so that I stand a better chance of reaching a healthy weight.

Change of subject now, I have rediscovered a delight of cold weather. Walking home after work through falling snow. It was absolutely beautiful. I did have to walk; the bike put up it’s usual protest about the weather and wouldn’t co-operate with me, but it didn’t really matter because I was looking at the falling snow and the light patterns and listening to the stillness.

Happy winter, and stay safe, wherever you are for the next 24 hours.

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The hardest thing about cold weather

I have discovered that the hardest thing about cold weather is that my bike starts to malfunction.

It’s as though it really is protesting being dragged out and starts to play at being a stationary exercise bike – not the best plan if I’m already late for work, as you can imagine!

It is tough though, the colder it is, the farther I have to walk to get to work, and the greater nasty mood I find myself having to calm down from when I get there or get home again.

Not a long post today, but I needed to share that!

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All Change Please

Where yesterday was calm and peaceful, today was difficult and a bit sad.

Every time I go to Dan’s for a weekend I feel sad on Monday going home, I miss him before I’ve even left. If I’m there longer than a weekend it’s harder still. I love him as you know, but also I get on well with his parents and I love the house very much too.

One of the things that was lovely and odd and difficult all at the same time was Jewel. She’s spent almost the whole time from Christmas Eve  to yesterday hiding in Dan’s bedroom not quite out of reach, but then after tea yesterday she was roaming all over the house and again this morning. And then I had to bundle her into the carrier for the journey home. I felt awful that she’d found the confidence to go out and I’d had to stop her exploring.

Oliver made a right racket about the indignity of being in his carrier (which is the bigger one, more space to turn around), but Jewel just sat and looked out of the front and waited to be taken wherever we were going.

After all the snow and ice we got back to Bedford safely and easily, and the phone call I’ve just had says that Ted and Dan got back home again safely too.

Next of all, I have to start looking at packing down the Christmas tree and decorations as they are going to Dan’s this weekend for storage rather than stay here and be carted later. It’s quite exciting really and for all that I was low this morning I’m much happier and more positive now

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Rae loves Dan

and this short blog post is proof of it!

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Gentle Day

It’s a bit hard to think about it now, but I’m leaving the Lincolnshire quiet behind tomorrow and going back to the wilds of Bedfordshire with my cats.

I have to because work starts again on Monday and while I could leave it til monday morning to return, that cats will be very unsettled and I want to be there to make sure they are ok. Still, it’s not nice having been in small village that feels like home the second I set foot in it to have to return to somewhere that has always felt a bit temporary if I’m honest.

Oliver has made the lounge windowsill his home here and he’s going to miss the chance to sit and watch the world go by with only glass in front of him and a hot radiator close by. Jewel is finally (after 10 days) leaving the bedroom under her own steam but is still very unsure of being in a room with 3 or more people in it. Poor girl, I’m guessing she’ll relax a bit, but will definitely have to get used to it when we move permanently in April.

I say gentle day because it’s been productive. The cats gave us a quiet night and so bolstered by more sleep than usual we’ve got a lot done on some work that Dan’s been trying to clear out, as well as work out things like where all my stuff’s going to go when I finally arrive, literally bag and baggage! It’s not been hard, some might call it a drifty day. Not getting lots done, but then not doing nothing at all.

Never mind, there’s a three course roast beef dinner tonight!

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Happy New Year

Dan and I went out for a New Years Eve do last night into the early hours. We started off going to the neighbours’ house before going to the village pub for drinks and a chat with some of the other villagers.

Later on we went back through the village to Colin and Karen’s and played games around drinks before watching the fireworks and popping party poppers and drinking champagne to welcome the New Year in. We had a great laugh and finally headed for home at 2:30 in the morning  through falling snow to settle the cats and head for bed.

When we finally woke and had a full cooked breakfast a la Ted; Dee and I suited and booted and went off down the road get a breath of air and a little exercise. Generally we’ve had a quiet day but it’s been good, we’ve all needed to rest after the holiday.

Jewel is finally settling down, although she seems to be pathologically timid. Oliver is the confident one here, comfortable with the much larger house and larger group of people in a way that surprised me a bit, but I know that he is a good judge of people and that we are among good people.

Right. Time for another nap and maybe some food too. Dan’s cooking tonight!

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