New Years Eve

It’s New Years Eve and I suppose that means it’s time to have a bit of a summing up of the year before the new year arrives and we all look ahead to what’s coming next.

First and foremost, although I haven’t said much about it, the year was very much overhung by the impending site closure at work; no matter how much we at work all tried to lift ourselves out of it, the stress and the depression have taken their toll and people have been ill and we’ve had to really be there for each other. Just before Christmas my department was notified that basically almost all of us had been selected for redundancy. The relief at knowing that the end was coming after almost two years was incredible.

The other big thing that happened, which was as big as dealing with looming redundancy, was meeting Dan. After living alone for 4 years, focussing on being happy as I was and not doing very well at it, a gentle man came along. He turned on a lamp in a lfe that felt like dusk, and helped me learn how to live and love and be happy with me again. Just to be clear, if you’re my personal friend and are reading this and thinking “huh! What about me?” Don’t worry. I love all my friends dearly but Dan has brought a dimension to my life that was absent and I hadn’t realised. The best analogy is the mobile phone one. You never had one before and a few weeks after getting one you have to ask yourself “how did I survive before this?”

With the fight against mild depression throughout the year, I haven’t done very well at controlling my weight this year. I think I’ve kept it stable but I’m probably kidding myself. I’m just relieved at the end of the year that my clothes still fit. I think finding that chocolate gave me migraines and stopping eating it helped some, or I really would have ballooned! I do plan to get a copy of the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” because when I read it several years ago it really helped me get some control of myself and my eating habits.

Right. Resolution time.

I’m going to try and post here daily.
I’m going to update my Blipfoto jounal daily.
I’m going to get in control of my eating habits again.

Above all, I’m not going to regret this year. The depression, the job, the people who annoyed me, nothing. The past is not for regretting, but to be learned from. It’s the promise I make and do my best to keep each year.

To all my readers, wherever you are, Happy New Year at midnight!

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One thought on “New Years Eve

  1. Mel Davies

    Sounds like an excellent plan not to regret anything hun, the past is what’s made us who we are today. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2010.

    Mel xxx

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