Our First Christmas Together – part 2

Christmas morning was everything I’ve ever wanted a Christmas morning to be.

We had Buck’s Fizz (actually I did – everyone else had straight champagne!) while Dan sat by the tree passing around gifts to people. There were some amazing things and also some “it’s Christmas, that means it’s traditional to recieve socks!”

We had breakfast after gifts and then began the task of getting the turkey ready for the oven and the beers in the fridge.

Paul and Pauline arrived around midday while the turkey was cooking and we had a few more gifts and some more drinks.

Dinner was ready earlier than expected and we set ourselves around the table and feasted until we could hold no more – lobster bisque a la Ted, turkey with homemade stuffing, pigs in blankets, dishes and dishes of vegetables, roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, gravy, to say nothing of the home made Christmas pudding with homemade brandy sauce!

When we finally finished eating, we moved over to the sitting room and played Trivial pursuit, which was fine until I lost by a country mile, at which point the alcohol kicked in and I cried my little heart out!

As expected, while it ws really cold, there wasn’t a white Christmas here for all that there was snow on the ground.

The cats did hide away all day as I’d expected, but Oliver did show his face later in the evening to say hello to his public!

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