Christmas is coming – stage 2

I’ve been going crazy lately, fighting with crises and migraines, but I can report that six days ago I started the Christmas mincemeat.

I’m almost finished with the shopping. To be totally truthful it’s not hard to finish, my budget is fairly tight and I have a per person price limit, with one or two exceptions.

My decorations went up on Advent Sunday. I suspect a couple of eyebrows went up in the neighbourhood, but who cares; it’s the closest I could get to the first of December and I’m too busy from now on to fit it in any other time!

There is a big down factor right now. For all that I’m being careful to get enough sleep, drink enough coffee and not eat any chocolate, I’ve started on another series of migraines. I have no idea what’s triggering them this time, and I hope they go away soon. This is set to be the best Christmas for 5 years and I do not need it spoiled by thumping pain and not being able to enjoy a drink.

Final note, I still do not have a finish date for my job. I had hoped to know about now, but currently there’s no information at all and I have no idea when I’ll be able to start looking for jobs and stop living in limbo. Guess it doesn’t help much that I have a meeting about my CV this afternoon. That always puts me in a poor mood.

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