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New Years Eve

It’s New Years Eve and I suppose that means it’s time to have a bit of a summing up of the year before the new year arrives and we all look ahead to what’s coming next.

First and foremost, although I haven’t said much about it, the year was very much overhung by the impending site closure at work; no matter how much we at work all tried to lift ourselves out of it, the stress and the depression have taken their toll and people have been ill and we’ve had to really be there for each other. Just before Christmas my department was notified that basically almost all of us had been selected for redundancy. The relief at knowing that the end was coming after almost two years was incredible.

The other big thing that happened, which was as big as dealing with looming redundancy, was meeting Dan. After living alone for 4 years, focussing on being happy as I was and not doing very well at it, a gentle man came along. He turned on a lamp in a lfe that felt like dusk, and helped me learn how to live and love and be happy with me again. Just to be clear, if you’re my personal friend and are reading this and thinking “huh! What about me?” Don’t worry. I love all my friends dearly but Dan has brought a dimension to my life that was absent and I hadn’t realised. The best analogy is the mobile phone one. You never had one before and a few weeks after getting one you have to ask yourself “how did I survive before this?” Continue reading

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Our First Christmas Together – part 2

Christmas morning was everything I’ve ever wanted a Christmas morning to be.

We had Buck’s Fizz (actually I did – everyone else had straight champagne!) while Dan sat by the tree passing around gifts to people. There were some amazing things and also some “it’s Christmas, that means it’s traditional to recieve socks!”

We had breakfast after gifts and then began the task of getting the turkey ready for the oven and the beers in the fridge.

Paul and Pauline arrived around midday while the turkey was cooking and we had a few more gifts and some more drinks.

Dinner was ready earlier than expected and we set ourselves around the table and feasted until we could hold no more – lobster bisque a la Ted, turkey with homemade stuffing, pigs in blankets, dishes and dishes of vegetables, roasted potatoes, boiled potatoes, gravy, to say nothing of the home made Christmas pudding with homemade brandy sauce!

When we finally finished eating, we moved over to the sitting room and played Trivial pursuit, which was fine until I lost by a country mile, at which point the alcohol kicked in and I cried my little heart out!

As expected, while it ws really cold, there wasn’t a white Christmas here for all that there was snow on the ground.

The cats did hide away all day as I’d expected, but Oliver did show his face later in the evening to say hello to his public!

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Our First Christmas Together – part 1

Now that it’s the day after I have a little headspace to be able to tell you what happened over the last couple of days without needing to think about what’s got to happen tomorrow.

Christmas Eve was very busy.

For me it’s a working day and a day shift at that. I had to get up, get dressed and feed the cats and myself before charging to work through ice and snow to work.

 It was terrifying. The ice had started to melt the day before and then refroze in the night and everywhere was an ice rink. I fell off the bike and landed on my back just trying to get to work over a patch of ice that looked fairly safe.

We had our traditional indian feast mid-morning and then finished off and went home midday, again, as is traditional here. More ice. I walked the bike home knowing the ice wouldn’t have gone in four short hours, and sure enough it was still there. This time I fell on my knees across the bike at a point where it had looked really safe.

I got home and warned Dan and Ted about safe parking and proceeded to bundle two confused moggies into carriers, make a flask of coffee and shuffle together the final items of food that had been stored out of cat reach and then sit witha drink til the Bongo arrived to take me away for Christmas.

For all the snow and ice it was a smooth journey. The roads were busy but not gridlocked and we got through in only slightly more time than it normally takes. The cats cried as expected but they calmed down and just waited to see what would happen next.

We got things unpacked and then let the cats out in Dan’s room and left them to settle while we had a traditional Chinese takeaway dinner and set the last presents under the tree.

I did develop a bug that turned into a cold and as a result I’m really tired, so this is going to be more than one post to sum up the weekend.

Take care one and all

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Happy Christmas one and all

I don’t have much to say, but Happy Christmas to Everyone and a blessed New Year to come.

We are busily dealing with gifts and frightened cats but I wanted to wish everyone the very best today.

Much love

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Nearly Time!

It’s nearly time! I’ve finished the Christmas cake off and baked off the mincepies.

I’ve been to Debenhams and bought a dress and shoes and worn them to the very last works Christmas do here (and fallen down the stairs!)

I’ve got a packing list of everything I’ll need to take to Dan’s starting with the cats going through clothes and ending with my share of the food and wine.

I feel a bit flat but i’m tired and I think I might be getting a bug. Only it really doesn’t matter because I’ve only got three and a half days to work and then I’m off for almost two weeks!

Bring it on, and in case I forget to blog again before Christmas arrives, Happy Christmas to you all.

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Christmas is coming – Stage 3

It really is almost done now. The mincemeat is ready to bake off from this week, the cake is ready to marzipan this week, all my cards are written and most are posted, all the gifts are bought, barring a few that need to wait a few days and just need wrapping up.

My biggy is that I have found my dress for this Christmas. It’s brave and bright red and gorgeous. I’ll put it with silver sandals and some other bits and bobs and it should be great.

I think I’ve already had one of my best Christmas gifts. Last week I was finally invited for consultation with regard to the fact that my position was being made redundant. It may sound odd to be happy to be in this position, but I’ve been waiting 22 months for this meeting and it’s been hard work and quite depressing in all honesty, so yes, I’m happy. I have lots of plans and I can now put them in place within an actual timeline. Continue reading

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Christmas is coming – stage 2

I’ve been going crazy lately, fighting with crises and migraines, but I can report that six days ago I started the Christmas mincemeat.

I’m almost finished with the shopping. To be totally truthful it’s not hard to finish, my budget is fairly tight and I have a per person price limit, with one or two exceptions.

My decorations went up on Advent Sunday. I suspect a couple of eyebrows went up in the neighbourhood, but who cares; it’s the closest I could get to the first of December and I’m too busy from now on to fit it in any other time! Continue reading

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