The change is amazing

I’ve recovered from my post holiday blues it would seem, my energy level is right up today, so much so that not only is the washing done, but I’ve moved the living room around the way I wanted to months ago.

I am enjoying this, because this mood/energy level thing isn’t that stable. Sometimes it will be good for weeks on end, other times it’ll be up and down more often than the FTSE100!

On a slight change of tack, the Grand Prix in Japan today has left me slightly stunned. Yesterday the practise and qualifying was like a demolition derby, almost a case of “lets see how many times we can hit the wall” Three red flags, lots of yellows, bad weather, you name it. Today someone on Twitter asked was it the same track. I wondered if we had the same drivers. It was like watching a Conga dance; a couple of grazes, only one car in the wall and one safety car. No race steward investigation calls, nothing!

I think it found it dissappointing because I was awake at 4am to watch the race live from Japan and found it if anything a bit boring! Nevertheless, I enjoyed chatting online with a lot of other F1 devotees and making fun of some drivers who shall remain nameless.

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One thought on “The change is amazing

  1. You must have missed the one about Rosberg then? Button alleged Rosberg was speeding under the safety car. He probably was, but got away with it cos he went in the pits. H,,,…. bet they change that rule next year!!!

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