Post holiday blues

Mousehole harbourI couldn’t post recently. After the holiday in Cornwall and spending time with Dan, three days after I got back to work I crashed. No energy, wanted to sleep. I couldn’t even do the chores I enjoy most, and getting the council tax paid took three days of planning!

Until I realised what was going on, all I could say was that I felt as though someone had taken out my batteries. I was on go-slow and felt miserable that I had no energy.

Now that I’m able to function again, I can see that I had a case of post holiday blues. I only go away once a year, and it’s over a year since I went last year; as a result I’d forgotten how low my mood can drop when I return from holiday. I’d forgotten how hard it can be to do simple things like decide what to have for dinner and cook it or wash my hair!

The turning point came a few days ago when I realised what the matter was with me and was able to relax again. I think it’s a case of realising why I was low helped me to say “OK, that’s what it is, I’ll feel better in a couple of days once I’ve had a bit more sleep and then I’ll function properly again”

So I’m happy to tell you that in spite of the fact that my smoke alarm went off at three am I’m up, my hair is clean and bacon is cooking for lunch, and I know what I’m planning to do tomorrow.

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