A week with Dan

I spent last week staying with Dan and his parents at their home by the river Trent.

I couldn’t have timed it better really, there was a phomenon on the river called the Aegir. It’s the Trent version of the Severn Bore, and it was running on the river while I was there, and I managed to watch it twice. (out of 5 chances, but hey, it’s nature!) It was amazing to see that nature can provide an experience that is almost surreal.

Basically, at almost low water, the tide turns abruptly and a wave of water rides up over the outgoing tide, turning the tide and raising the water level significantly. The first evening I saw it, there was a wind blowing and the wave was a little harder to see as it came round, but it was still great. The next evening, the wind had dropped and the water was as smooth as glass, the wave came up and it really looked quite surreal as it came past.

Unfortunately, even though I had my camera, the second evening was quite dark and all the pictures I took were not that great, but you can see one of the pictures I took of the first evening here.

Of course, the week wasn’t all spent on the river bank watching the tides, although it is something I really enjoy; there was also a Cornish holiday to report here and helping Ted with some of his building projects around the house and helping Dee with her garden, and Dan with some of his website stuff.

Part of the time I was very tense indeed. I haven’t said much about it here, because I try and keep work out of this blog, but I was told 18 months ago that the site I work at was to be closed and everything moved to a smaller and cheaper facility. It’s not been easy coping, there’s been the whole gamut of my own emotions and feelings, coupled with my colleagues going through the same thing.

Anyway, to cut a rather long and pretty tedious story short, over the last week we have all been bought as up to date as the management can do, and those who are leaving at Christmas know, and those who are returning after Christmas but leaving by March ’10 now know, and those who are staying with the company but moving to a new site also know.

Thing is, the notifications were going out right in the middle of my 2 week holiday, and in the interests of fairness to everyone, they couldn’t tell me before I went (even if they knew – I don’t know if they did), I was offered a phone call on The Day but I declined it, saying I’d rather not risk hearing news I might not want to hear over the phone and then have to try and avoid dumping the emotion all over Dan and his parents.

Unfortunately my strategy didn’t quite work and I ended up stretched as tight as a harp string and not knowing what to do with myself but still not wanting to ring up and find out. Finally Dee had the idea of telling me to bake them all a cake and thinking of what to make and then actually making it did a lot to calm me down – and they all liked the banana bread!

I can tell you that I still love Dan and that I still like his parents. I can also tell you that Ted is a good cook. Spending two weeks with them all has not changed how I feel about Dan or Ted or Dee!

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5 thoughts on “A week with Dan

  1. Aww… there’s a relief! :o)

    I did wonder if 2 weeks in th company of all of us would frighten you off, but I’m so glad it hasn’t. After this 2weeks, I love you more than ever.


  2. That is a great photo, you can see the movement even though it is still if you see what I mean.

    I think you were right not to get the phone call and just remember that baking solves almost everything!

  3. Rachel

    Thank you Pippa and welcome to my blog!

  4. Rasa

    Who is Dan? I missed something…..

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