Thursday at Lands End

After an egg and bacon breakfast Thursday took us out through Penzance to Marazion and the beautiful view of St Micheal’s Mount. We all stopped and got out of the car and admired the view. It was a beautiful day, the tide was in and Dan and I took the opportunity to take a lot of photos of the island and the bay.

Then we got back in the car and drove on. Actually, lovely and sunny as it was, the sun took a good while to war up properly; so we were all wearing fleeces and sunglasses (and in my case wondering if I looked just a bit silly) for quite a while.

We went through Penzance and Newlyn, stopping briefly at each to take pictures of the harbours as we went round. As is always the case when I’m on holiday in Cornwall, my camera was never far from my hand!

Penzance is very different from Newlyn, it’s more about sailing type craft, leisure if you will, where Newlyn is all about fishing in all it’s forms. Newlyn is not obviously pretty, but it was neat and clean and had a definite air of business and hard work about it, and oddly enough, I really liked that!

From Newlyn we drove on round to Mousehole where we parked up, pulled out the wheelchair and went for a wander. Mousehole is a very postcard place, even in the off season. We walked along the harbour and stopped for a few minutes before going on the path by the sea wall until we reached a cafe where we stopped for coffee.

We sat outside and as I was looking around I was a little put out by a sign that declared that you weren’t welcome if you were wet from the sea! Excuse me, your cafe is on the sea wall. How do you stay in trade if that’s how you respond to cold wet people? I couldn’t help but compare it to other places that appear to be better turned out and who are prepared to serve food and drink to whoever arrives, regardless of how much sand or salt water they may have acquired!

Anyway, coffee drunk, we went on to Lands End, where parking (incidentally) is half price for the disabled. We walked through the place and out the other side to what I like to call the “real” Lands End; the coast, where ou can pick up the coast in either direction. It was a kind-of-first for me, the weather was good, the sea was calm and the horizon was clear. Every time I’ve been to Lands End one of those factors has been missing. It’s often a case of poor visibility or rough sea or poor weather. Well, it is ther first land the weather reaches!

We sat in the sun for a while and watched the sea and the people around us. No one particularl felt like going into the attractions; not much had changed and it didn’t seem worth the time or the money to go into the ones that I’d previously seen and liked.

We went north around the coast to Sennen Cove and had a look in the art galleries there before having another pasty lunch, this time with the chance to hear the local police and the lifeboat crew bantering together.

Dee had heard the story of Zennor church, where there is a carving of a mermaid on a pew, so we went there in order to have a look for ourselves. The pew is long gone, but the carving has been made into a seat. We stopped in Zennor for tea and cakes and the went on a bit of a drive around before heading to St Ives where Dee and I had the chance to paddle in the sea as we’d promised ourselves we would be on monday night!

Paddle over, we went into St Ives on foot to find somewhere to eat, but to our increasing annoyance there was no free table anwhere! The answer came in the form of a large bag of chinese takeaway and a couple of bottles of wine around the cottage table.

I do like chinese! I also enjoyed my bed after all that…

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