The oddest things

I’ve just recently noticed that I like the oddest things.

I’ve been watching the Planet Earth DVD. I’ve noticed that the sounds from nature are incredible and that I love them. Things like lions calling to each other, to me its a sound to make me relax, likewise elephants calling.

Everyone knows that whale song is beautiful and relaxing; but to me the sounds of the African plains are wonderful too. Frog song. Most people are trying to sleep through it when it comes, but being very might a night bird, I quite enjoy the sound of it.

And then there are the birds. I’m not talking of songbirds or pretty birds, I’m talking about the hunters, the birds of prey. Beautiful and skilled at what they do, keeping the populations of smaller birds in check and keeping rodents and other vermin under control. How can one not like animals that are so useful to us that only need to be left to do what they do best.

I have an enormous love, or maybe that should be respect, for the animals that choose to live in the harsh conditions at the poles. The polar bear, the whales that choose to migrate there, emperor penguins, achieving something no other bird or animal can even think of trying.

It’s probably sounds silly, but I am moved to tears when I see or hear of these creatures doing what they do, living the way they do. It’s so amazing, so much bigger than me and I love it all.

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2 thoughts on “The oddest things

  1. Margaret

    Hi Rachel,
    I really like your blog! I like the way you write – you should think about writing a book, I would buy it for sure! xxx

  2. Rachel

    Thank you so much! x
    (you have a beautiful child!)

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