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A week with Dan

I spent last week staying with Dan and his parents at their home by the river Trent.

I couldn’t have timed it better really, there was a phomenon on the river called the Aegir. It’s the Trent version of the Severn Bore, and it was running on the river while I was there, and I managed to watch it twice. (out of 5 chances, but hey, it’s nature!) It was amazing to see that nature can provide an experience that is almost surreal.

Basically, at almost low water, the tide turns abruptly and a wave of water rides up over the outgoing tide, turning the tide and raising the water level significantly. The first evening I saw it, there was a wind blowing and the wave was a little harder to see as it came round, but it was still great. The next evening, the wind had dropped and the water was as smooth as glass, the wave came up and it really looked quite surreal as it came past. Continue reading

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Dear Blog

Happy first birthday!

You’ve changed quite a bit since we first got going, and your not at all what I thought you’d be, but I still love you.

You’ve seen lots of changes in me too, so here’s thanking you and wondering what we’ll see over the next year!

ps. your birthday gift is a new theme!

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Karen's wedding 12 september 2009

Caleb and Karen DavisDan and I were up bright and early despite the long journey, breakfasted, dressed and packed. It’s my sister’s wedding and we were determined to be there and to enjoy it, so we were!

Ted and Dee picked us up and took us to Cornhill Manor – the reception place, and then went on to Canons Ashby for the afternoon. My mum and Beckie shepherded us in, cameras, bags, wheelchair and all, and we were surprised by being served lunch before anything else happened! After lunch Mum showed Dan around Cornhill (it’s a place we as a family know very well) while I went upstairs and helped Anne get her 2 little girl ready. Dressed, brushed and shining, we were ready to go.

Since there wouldn’t be huge amount of walking around at the chapel, Dan elected to leave the chair in the back of mum’s car while we were there. We stood outside a while, chatting with friends and family, taking some pictures and laughing at one particular character who had obviously been dared to come along in some outrageous costume.

The various song we would be singing were printed on a handout that was (obviously) handed out as we went in. There was no bridal procession, Karen is far too shy to have survived that experience, and in another slight departure, she wore a long pale blue dress instead of a more traditional white or simmilar colour. Blue is Karen’s favourite colour, who were we to deny her that on her big day? Continue reading

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A Very Long Friday

We had a very long day indeed on friday. We had to drop off our hire car before 10:30 in Helston which meant a fairly early breakfast and a fast packing of the van. Final checks of the cottage complete, we drove out to Helston and dropped the car, then on to Hayle to get pasties for lunch later and from there up the A30 past the 3 windfarms in Cornwall.

We took some time out in Devon to visit Glebe Cottage garden, the preserve of Carol Klein. Well, we had our pasty lunch, and then Dee and Ted went to look while Dan and I relaxed by the van in the sunshine. Continue reading

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Thursday at Lands End

After an egg and bacon breakfast Thursday took us out through Penzance to Marazion and the beautiful view of St Micheal’s Mount. We all stopped and got out of the car and admired the view. It was a beautiful day, the tide was in and Dan and I took the opportunity to take a lot of photos of the island and the bay.

Then we got back in the car and drove on. Actually, lovely and sunny as it was, the sun took a good while to war up properly; so we were all wearing fleeces and sunglasses (and in my case wondering if I looked just a bit silly) for quite a while.

We went through Penzance and Newlyn, stopping briefly at each to take pictures of the harbours as we went round. As is always the case when I’m on holiday in Cornwall, my camera was never far from my hand! Continue reading

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Parties and gossip with Trudy

Ted and Dee had a day to themselves on Wednesday, and went to Lanhydrock house. Dan and I went to see Trudy and her son Jack for the day.

Trudy came and collected us from the cottage about lunchtime, and took us back to her house where we chatted a while, and then knowing Dan as she does, Trudy fished out a laptop for him to appease his tech addiction while she went to collect Jack from school. (In case you’re wondering, she had a kitten and a dog, and I played with the kitten while she was out!)

It was Jack’s birthday party. The actual birthday was a few days ahead, but for various reasons it wasn’t going to be possible to have the party on The Day, so it was held early and Dan and I were able to be there. Continue reading

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Foggy day at Goonhilly

Tuesday dawned foggy and wet and really not the nicest start to our holiday, so we decided to look for an indoor-type attraction where we should be dry and relatively warm. We decided that Goonhilly might be good, so we piled the wheelchair, map, coats, waterbottles and ourselves into the car and set off with great expectations.

It was great rolling up. There’s this almighty satellite dish close to the gates that you can see for miles around. We went in, got our stickers and went off to look around the exhibition.

It was quite interesting, there was a display showing how we progressed from Morse to the telegraph and on to the telephone and international calling and how the world of communication has changed and evolved. There was a display telling the story of undersea cables and how they were laid to carry calls to America and beyond. Continue reading

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On To Cornwall

On Monday morning Dan and I got up and sorted and when his parents arrived we packed the van once more and headed back to the M4 and the Severn Bridge and on south to Cornwall.

Dan was by turns tired and excited and inspired. 3 days in the company of other musicians and music sellers is intense going and while he was inspired about what he’d heard he was also very tired by the experience. It was no surprise that he slept a lot of the time during the journey to Cornwall.

As always, I enjoyed the trip because it goes through part of the country that’s quite dear to me. Somerset. It’s not as far from most places as Cornwall but it is very beautiful nonetheless; full of unexpected little places  that you might well not see if you were relying on SatNav and not looking at a map (or the roadsigns!) Continue reading

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Unconventional holidays

I finished packing all my bags on Saturday evening and left everything ready for Lorraine to come and look after my cats. As is usually the case I didn’t sleep too well on Saturday night due to not wanting to oversleep and not be ready for Ted and Dee when the came to pick me up on Sunday morning, so I was awake from about 5am.

They arrived on time, dropped Dan’s suit and shoes off, packed my bags in the back of the Mazda Bongo and off we went down to Oxford, the motorway and west to Wales. It was a reasonably uneventful journey really, just avoiding roadworks and crossing the Severn Bridge (and wishing we didn’t have to pay a toll to cross!)

I was surprised how long it took to get to Swansea after we crossed the Welsh border to be honest. That said, it was not too hard to find Dan and his unconvention location once we arrived. We said hello and goodbye to his friends who were going home from there and took Dan back to the hotel he was staying in and dropped off the bags before dissappearing for some much needed food. Continue reading

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The oddest things

I’ve just recently noticed that I like the oddest things.

I’ve been watching the Planet Earth DVD. I’ve noticed that the sounds from nature are incredible and that I love them. Things like lions calling to each other, to me its a sound to make me relax, likewise elephants calling.

Everyone knows that whale song is beautiful and relaxing; but to me the sounds of the African plains are wonderful too. Frog song. Most people are trying to sleep through it when it comes, but being very might a night bird, I quite enjoy the sound of it. Continue reading

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