A Very Full Day

Today hasn’t gone at all the way I planned for it to go way back on Friday. I was going to do some batch cooking and freezing, as well as laundry and some cleaning and tidying. I’m going on holiday soon and I want the house clean and tidy, but something prompted me on Friday morning to go onto the Freecycle website and ask if anyone had a breadmaker lying around. Mine died a little while ago and I miss having the fresh bread – and no, I can’t make it by hand, I simply don’t have any space in my wee kitchen to do it!

Well, someone emailed me back that they had one I could have and after a few emails I was all set to cycle out to collect it this morning. Bang went my cleaning and cooking and laundry morning, but I was going on a 10+ mile bike ride on a nice day, so who cared really; there was a whole shiny 3 day weekend that I could fill with that but only Saturday morning that I could go for this breadmaker.

It was a nice morning for a bike ride, just enough wind to take the heat from the sun and stop me overheating, and just enough sun to make the job enjoyable. The only problem was that the breadmaker was much too big to fit on the back of my bike and there was nothing for it but for the husband to drop it off in Bedford when he did the shopping later in the day. Oh well, not to worry, I’ve met someone new and friendly and had a great morning’s excercise in the bargain.

Having taken one route to the village in question and found that actually it took me along 3 miles of busy dual carriageway, I called Dan and got him to look up a cross country route home that took me on quieter roads, and then proceeded to stay on the phone to him while he guided me with the help of Google maps which is a truly great way to make your way home, I must say!

The route back was as beautiful as the route out was busy. I wended my way past farmland and villages and all sorts of things that are tucked into the countryside that you completely forget is there until you pass it. There was even a mill at one corner!

Then there was a farm shop at about the 2/3 mark, Scald End Farm, so what could I do but stop? (Added to which, my bottom was really starting to hurt!) I got a couple of bags of veg, meat and eggs that I’d only have bought at Tesco instead, had a lovely chat with the farmer and his daughter and then continued on home through a couple more villages until I got back engergised and holding 2 bags of booty even though I didn’t have the breadmaker I’d originally gone for.

Having got home a little warm and thirsty I had several pints of cola and squash, during which time the husband dropped off my newly acquired breadmaker.

Of course then there was nothing for it but to unpack it and put it into service. It’s a little smaller than my previous one, but that’s no real problem, I’m a small household with a smaller kitchen, but it does the job just as it should, and I’m here to tell you it tastes just right! Breadmaker running, I turned round and put a chicken and some of my farm veg in the slow cooker and set that running ready for some cracking homemade chicken soup lunches at work next week.

Then I had a nap!

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