Sunday sunshine

On Sunday Dan and I shared a cooked breakfast and coffee before going through a couple of boxes in my bedroom to find a spare key. Incidentally we also unearthed my thimble collection which I’ve been trying to find for the last 4 months, and a bunch of CD’s that I knew I bought over the years but wasn’t sure if I had them or if they had been “borrowed”.

It was good to get some clearing out done and great to do it with someone around who could distract me from some of the emotions that had been packed away with the items way back when.

I also made a few phone calls to try and trace the missing bunch of keys. I found the stores actually answered the phones and tried to be helpful while there was no getting an answer from the local police station at all! Headquarters answered the phone and tried to help, but the local front desk never once answered the phone!

Around midday, just as we were preparing to watch the Valencia Grand Prix the taxi company we had used rang up to say the keys were there in the office waiting for me to collect them – the relief of knowing I’d misplaced them and they hadn’t been stolen from my bag was truly something.

We watched the Grand Prix and Twitter at the same time, and spend a lot of time laughing at some of the comments made by one or two of the teams regarding other teams’ driver performance. The teams do get on well, but occaisionally one person or another will do something trully sily and get mocked for the rest of the weekend for it. Badoer was particularly good at it this weekend, driving at speed when he shouldn’t and driving slowly at times when he should have been going for it.

After the race Ted and Dee arrived and we all shared one more cup of tea before they had to get gone home again ready for monday. Ted and Dee themselves had enjoyed a good weekend, going to two different stately homes and staying on Caravan Club sites for a couple of nights.

After I’d waved off Dan and Ted and Dee for 2 weeks, I got the bike out and cycled into town to collect the keys. It was sunny again as I went, but unfortunately most of the shops were shut so I couldn’t do the “last bits” shopping that always occurs when you are in town, but MacDonalds was open, so I stopped in for one of their salads and wandered down the Embankment to sit and enjoy it before easing home on the bike again.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I slept for a good hour after I got home. It might have been down to the busy weekend, or the sun, or the tension caused by the loss of the keys, whatever, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had a rare and unusual nap before carrying on for th evening.

It was a lovely weekend though. I could have been distraught over the keys episode, but I wasn’t and I really enjoyed slowing down and taking time to look around properly.

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