It was idyllic

I have just had a fantastic weekend. I had the day off on Friday because Dan was coming for the weekend. Because he had work today, having friday off maximised the time we had.

It did start a little bumpy, I had a order due to arrive and Dan and his parents arriving at some stage, and they all arrived at almost the same time – just as it really started to rain hard! Fortunately it was just a shower for about 10 minutes so it didn’t do too much damage to anyone’s day. With a little co-operation the shopping was sorted, Dan’s bags and chair were installed, and Ted and Dee headed out for their own weekend.

We didn’t do a huge amount on Friday afternoon, packed away the shopping, had a bit of lunch, headed to Tesco proper for a few bits I’d forgotten on the main shopping list that couldn’t wait, came back and rested a bit and then had a text from Beckie to say that after not thinking she’d be free, so would be over a bit later.

The “later” finally ended at just after midnight, after we (Dan and I) shard a mostly veg pizza and garlic bread and we twisted Beckie’s arm into sharing our ice cream dessert with us! We all knew that Beckie wanted to get to meet Dan, they’ve been emailing and texting a while, but I’m not entirely sure that we realised just how well things would go!

On Saturday I took Dan into town to pay the council tax and to show him a few of the shops and local sights. Bedford really is remarkably wheelchair friendly, and getting around really was even less trouble than I though it would be! It does turn out that Dan’s not too keen on lots of choice when it comes to food – Subway is delicious, but having to choose everything from bread to final dressing was just a bit annoying for him. We are now clear that if he can’t decide what he wants before he goes in, I choose and he suffers my choice!

Wandering around the shopping centre I was able to introduce him to a few of the people I know, both from work and from just living in Bedford. As the day wore on, I decided against getting the bus home again, and we started home going along the Embankment. We were looking at the river and Dan was filming it and taking some photos when a call from close by meant I could introduce Dan and Lorraine. We had a great chat all together and mentioned that we were heading home to change and go out for dinner – still not sure of the location. Lorraine suggested the Beefeater at Priory Marina, and so that’s what we decided to do.

The evening was very slightly marred by the loss of my housekeys and having to call out my landlord to let me in and loan me a set of keys for a few days, but the evening was warm and the food was delicious, and if anything there was a bit too much of it! We had to pass on the dessert, but stopped in the bar for coffee and liquer to allow the food to settle before heading back home again. I showed Dan the lake in the dark, oddly enough at about the time I normally cycle through it. It was very peaceful with no wind, and we wandered home through a warm and calm evening.

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2 thoughts on “It was idyllic

  1. It was wonderful wasn’t it?! 🙂

    Thanks for showing me Bedford honey, and for deeming me worthy of meeting your sister and friends! Really wish I’d taken a photo of that statue dude now tho 😦

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