Fixed again

I’ve just got back from the bike shop. I fell off my bike earlier this week and knocked the front wheel out of alignment with the handlebars. In addition, my front brake cable had worn very thin, so it seemed like a really good idea to get the brakes fixed and the wheel reset all at the same time. It cost a whole five pounds.

Imagine how much it would have cost to do that on a car? Now you know why I prefer my bike! Servicing costs a whopping £30, tyres vary but the posh ones are £30 each. I could go on, but I’d hate to lose friends.

I love the fact that I get from A to B without paying for fuel or tax or parking; that I stay fit without a gym membership.

I will say though, the downside comes when I fall off, usually because I’m tired or have loaded up shopping badly. I do make a point of trying not to fall off, not least because the scrapes and bruises take a while to fade!

No big shop this week though, I’m waiting for Tesco to deliver as I type, although the delivery slot is not yet, so they won’t come for at least half an hour! I’m also waiting for Dan to arrive, and so far I’ve cleared the drainer and cut the grass and cleaned my nails. I’ll finish the dishes and clean my face and paint my nails and I’ll likely have wet nails when Tesco arrive, looking at how my week has gone so far!

Enjoy your weekend!

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