Much better now

I’ll start with an apology. I haven’t posted since last Sunday. It’s bad of me, and I’m sorry.

The fact is that I went down with a migraine on Tuesday afternoon and wasn’t fit for anything really til Thursday afternoon, by which time I had to focus on getting a load of work done and packing my bags for this weekend.

I’ve just made things sound dreadful, and the week did seem really long, but actually it wasn’t too bad once I’d calmed down from the train journey and slept off the migraine. The weather has mostly been nice and the work has flowed.

Part way through the week we had an email round that there had been no customer complaints regarding our departent and so we were getting a free meal – in the case of my shift we had KFC, but early shift went for a free breakfast (also very nice, particularly if it’s been cooked for me!)

The main thing about this week, or to be specific this weekend, is that Ted decided the trains were causing too much disruption to our lives. Ted has to drive out to pick me up from Lincoln and if the train is late that’s even more of his morning cut into. So Ted and Dee and Dan came in the car and picked me up fro Bedford. It was a long trip, and we didn’t get back to their house til quite late in the evening, but it eans that Ted and Dee get a good amount of time in their garden and Dan and I actually get to spend a weekend together instead of dealing with headaches and exhaustion and feeling like I’ve only just arrived but I’m about to go home again.

We stopped at OK Diner on the way up the A1and I have to say I enjoyed the experience. I haven’t been to an American diner before but it was really quite nice. The food was hot and filling and the drinks came with free refills.

This morning the weather has co-operated and we’ve been out on the riverbank, Dee’s got the grass under control, Ted’s been bridge-building and Dan and I have been talking and painting my nails ready for Dee’s mother’s birthday do tomorrow. We’ve eaten all our meals outside (and argued successfully with wasps!) and gnerally had an easy Saturday.

That’s all for now, I promise not to take so long until the next post!

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