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A Very Full Day

Today hasn’t gone at all the way I planned for it to go way back on Friday. I was going to do some batch cooking and freezing, as well as laundry and some cleaning and tidying. I’m going on holiday soon and I want the house clean and tidy, but something prompted me on Friday morning to go onto the Freecycle website and ask if anyone had a breadmaker lying around. Mine died a little while ago and I miss having the fresh bread – and no, I can’t make it by hand, I simply don’t have any space in my wee kitchen to do it!

Well, someone emailed me back that they had one I could have and after a few emails I was all set to cycle out to collect it this morning. Bang went my cleaning and cooking and laundry morning, but I was going on a 10+ mile bike ride on a nice day, so who cared really; there was a whole shiny 3 day weekend that I could fill with that but only Saturday morning that I could go for this breadmaker. Continue reading

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Dreams of other shores

I love the coast of Britain. I love the bits that are not touristy, too rugged to get to and not very child friendly. I love that you have to work to see it and be there and get around there

Having just watched this week’s Coast on BBC iPlayer I’m understanding myself a bit better. I’ve always known that there’s more than a drop of Norse blood in me, and this particular episode is set around Norway. Continue reading

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Sunday sunshine

On Sunday Dan and I shared a cooked breakfast and coffee before going through a couple of boxes in my bedroom to find a spare key. Incidentally we also unearthed my thimble collection which I’ve been trying to find for the last 4 months, and a bunch of CD’s that I knew I bought over the years but wasn’t sure if I had them or if they had been “borrowed”.

It was good to get some clearing out done and great to do it with someone around who could distract me from some of the emotions that had been packed away with the items way back when.

I also made a few phone calls to try and trace the missing bunch of keys. I found the stores actually answered the phones and tried to be helpful while there was no getting an answer from the local police station at all! Headquarters answered the phone and tried to help, but the local front desk never once answered the phone! Continue reading

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It was idyllic

I have just had a fantastic weekend. I had the day off on Friday because Dan was coming for the weekend. Because he had work today, having friday off maximised the time we had.

It did start a little bumpy, I had a order due to arrive and Dan and his parents arriving at some stage, and they all arrived at almost the same time – just as it really started to rain hard! Fortunately it was just a shower for about 10 minutes so it didn’t do too much damage to anyone’s day. With a little co-operation the shopping was sorted, Dan’s bags and chair were installed, and Ted and Dee headed out for their own weekend.

We didn’t do a huge amount on Friday afternoon, packed away the shopping, had a bit of lunch, headed to Tesco proper for a few bits I’d forgotten on the main shopping list that couldn’t wait, came back and rested a bit and then had a text from Beckie to say that after not thinking she’d be free, so would be over a bit later. Continue reading

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Fixed again

I’ve just got back from the bike shop. I fell off my bike earlier this week and knocked the front wheel out of alignment with the handlebars. In addition, my front brake cable had worn very thin, so it seemed like a really good idea to get the brakes fixed and the wheel reset all at the same time. It cost a whole five pounds.

Imagine how much it would have cost to do that on a car? Now you know why I prefer my bike! Servicing costs a whopping £30, tyres vary but the posh ones are £30 each. I could go on, but I’d hate to lose friends.

I love the fact that I get from A to B without paying for fuel or tax or parking; that I stay fit without a gym membership.

I will say though, the downside comes when I fall off, usually because I’m tired or have loaded up shopping badly. I do make a point of trying not to fall off, not least because the scrapes and bruises take a while to fade!

No big shop this week though, I’m waiting for Tesco to deliver as I type, although the delivery slot is not yet, so they won’t come for at least half an hour! I’m also waiting for Dan to arrive, and so far I’ve cleared the drainer and cut the grass and cleaned my nails. I’ll finish the dishes and clean my face and paint my nails and I’ll likely have wet nails when Tesco arrive, looking at how my week has gone so far!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Showing Dan around

I’m quite excited about this weekend, Dan’s coming to see me in Bedford again. He comes tomorrow (Friday) til Sunday, and because I’ve been paid I need to go and pay the Council tax and various other quick shopping trips that get sorted once you’ve been paid.

I want to show him the Embankment, and the shopping area, and the markets and all sorts of things. For all that I intend to move away from Bedford I do quite like the place.

Bedford is a historic place, all sorts of stories are woven into the place. You can find the ancient town walls, see the house that John Bunyan lived in, see the site of the old jail, walk along the old railway. There’s the country park, where you can watch people rowing, windsurfing,  sailing or fishing. There’s the big park in the middle of town too, right by the leisure centre. That’s a good place to just sit when it’s sunny.

It’s beside a fast road from Cambridge to Oxford, which also links it to Milton Keynes. Additionally the train station is on the main line to London and North to Nottingham and beyond. It’s quite the little hub really!

Now I just have to think of where I can take him and things we can do in town. Shouldn’t be hard really. I’ve lived here several years now, and what I don’t know I can find out about this weekend.

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Proud of myself

Hand with dress

I’ve always been a perennial nailbiter. I’ve tried for years to stop, and then earlier this year I suddenly noticed that I wasn’t doing it.

This photo is the demonstration that someone else caring about me has meant I can care about myself and let my nails grow to the point of being able to shape and polish them. Thank you Trudy for helping me be brave with colour and thank you Dan for caring so much.

You are both very special people.

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Helicopter ride Sunday

Dan’s Grandmother turned 90 last week, and her family had arranged for her to go on a helicopter ride around the Barnsley area.

We went to watch her take off from a field not far from Barnsley. She was on a 33 mile flight that took her down “the Dambuster’s Run” along the river where the historic dambusters raid was practiced. It was a really sunny day with little wind other than the helicopter wash on landing and take-off.

Granny was a bit nervous in the run up to take-off, as you’d expect from an elderly lady; but once she walked out to the helicopter and sat in it she loved it. Being a little lady, she had a window seat and was able to take lots of photographs, which I’m unlikely to see. After the 20 minute flight, she couldn’t stop smiling and had to stop herself jumping up and down. It really was good to see that she’d enjoyed her birthday treat.

I met a lot of people and I don’t expect to be able to remember names, but I enjoyed the day, meeting part of Dan’s family and playing with babies and chatting with old ladies.

Come the end of the day, good as it was, I was back in my favourite place. Sitting on the riverback outside Dan’s home and watching the tide while the sun set, listening to the combine harvesters making the most of the continuing good weather. Tuna pasta salad and a cup of tea with a good man in a quiet place – one of the best ways to end a sunday!

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Much better now

I’ll start with an apology. I haven’t posted since last Sunday. It’s bad of me, and I’m sorry.

The fact is that I went down with a migraine on Tuesday afternoon and wasn’t fit for anything really til Thursday afternoon, by which time I had to focus on getting a load of work done and packing my bags for this weekend.

I’ve just made things sound dreadful, and the week did seem really long, but actually it wasn’t too bad once I’d calmed down from the train journey and slept off the migraine. The weather has mostly been nice and the work has flowed.

Part way through the week we had an email round that there had been no customer complaints regarding our departent and so we were getting a free meal – in the case of my shift we had KFC, but early shift went for a free breakfast (also very nice, particularly if it’s been cooked for me!)

The main thing about this week, or to be specific this weekend, is that Ted decided the trains were causing too much disruption to our lives. Ted has to drive out to pick me up from Lincoln and if the train is late that’s even more of his morning cut into. So Ted and Dee and Dan came in the car and picked me up fro Bedford. It was a long trip, and we didn’t get back to their house til quite late in the evening, but it eans that Ted and Dee get a good amount of time in their garden and Dan and I actually get to spend a weekend together instead of dealing with headaches and exhaustion and feeling like I’ve only just arrived but I’m about to go home again.

We stopped at OK Diner on the way up the A1and I have to say I enjoyed the experience. I haven’t been to an American diner before but it was really quite nice. The food was hot and filling and the drinks came with free refills.

This morning the weather has co-operated and we’ve been out on the riverbank, Dee’s got the grass under control, Ted’s been bridge-building and Dan and I have been talking and painting my nails ready for Dee’s mother’s birthday do tomorrow. We’ve eaten all our meals outside (and argued successfully with wasps!) and gnerally had an easy Saturday.

That’s all for now, I promise not to take so long until the next post!

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I used to be a fan

Monday was an unmitigated disaster. Thank you Network Rail, and East Midlands Trains. Between you, you screwed up my entire day. A train journey that should have been one change and two and a half hours turned into a three and a half hour nightmare that made me late for work and tired beyond belief.

It started as a nice day. It was sunny, everyone was in a good temper, Ted got me to Lincoln train station with lots of time to spare. Going through the ticket barrier I was advised there was a signal failure on my route and I’d have to get a bus link from Nottingham to Leicester. Annoying but not major in itself. On arrival at Nottingham the station staff were helpful, pointing us straight away to the rail replacement bus, so there was no hanging around confused.

Except that the bus link took ages and I got impatient and forgot my suitcase when I got in to Loughborough and had to run back for it. Then once on the platform the train I was supposed to catch was late by over half an hour and was announced that it would only stop at Leicester and London. The system failure was so great that even the station staff could only say to keep listening for announcements. Continue reading

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