Going shopping

I went shopping on Saturday. I’ve got a series of events to go to and I didn’t have an outfit that was suitable for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs.

I’m something of an oddity I think. I don’t like trawling through shop after shop. I don’t mind loooking in six shop in the high street, but the idea of having to go though every shop in town to find a dress, shoes, jacket-type thing, stockings, jewellery, and do so is so frustrating as to be repellant.I think I’d prefer to buy the stuff online to be honest, but this time around I didn’t.

I was very surprised at who had a decent range and who did not. I wasn’t looking at prices, I was going to buy a nice outfit and I was prepared to spend good money to make sure I looked nice on the day.

I didn’t bother with Primark. The only think I can buy from them that actually fits tends to be low cost earring that I want to wear for work. New Look was also disappointing. while the clothing does fit, there was nothing I’d consider suitable for a woman attending her sister’s wedding, not even shoes.

BHS had the shoes – they were on sale as well as fitting, but no skirt or dress or top, so I was a bit disappionted. There was jewellery with potential, but I didn’t want to get any without being sure of what my dress was going to look like. M & S was shocking in its lack of range. I’d expected to have the best chance of having a nice skirt or dress, but a big fat nothing. There was stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it just wasn’t suitable for what I wanted.

Beales finally had the breakthrough. A calf length dress in red and pink florals on white. It couldn’t have fitted better if I’d had it made for me. Debenhams had the pashmina, which worked better than a cardigan or jacket and was also in a sale. Back in BHS I found a simple little pearl and diamante silver necklace and earring set which was also in the sale.

I did get rather lucky after BHS. I had expected to not be able to find everything I needed in one day or even in Bedford, but I found everything I needed and mostly on sale too – even the final bits of makeup I needed were cheaper because they came from The Body Shop where I have a loyalty card so get a reduction on the price.

Final word is that I’m suited and booted and ready for two weddings and birthday do. I’ll make sure Dan takes photos and I’l post them here on the days.

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3 thoughts on “Going shopping

  1. Jennifer Coward

    Well done you. I loathe shopping for clothes but am going to have to brave the shops and update my wardrobe at some point. I’m SO glad I am self-employed and can spend my life in jeans, t-shirt and trainers or even sit and write in my PJs all day if the mood takes me!

  2. Rachel

    I do find places like Debenhams, Beals and Next are good if you are after grown up lady clothes for the days when you have to look neat, but go for a big Next, becasue the littler one we have in Bedford wasn’t up to much – I walked in and walked back out again!

    I’ve shopped for clothes online before. As long as you know your size it’s usually a success, it also means you aren’t fighting shoppers and bolshy assistants!

  3. Jennifer Coward

    I will have to brave Manchester when the kids are back at school 😉

    It’s always lovely when you get a new outfit that is ‘just right’ so I look forward to seeing the pics in due course!

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