I do like to grumble about the weather sometimes

I probably shouldn’t post this at all, and will probably be villified by all who are affected by this, but I’m impatient for the hurricane season to start, and harbour a bit of a desire to witness one myself. See, I said I shouldn’t say that.

This complaint probably arises from the unsettled nothing-y weather we have at the moment, never long wet, never long dry. Can’t go out and enjoy the weather without a whole variety of weather stuff, sunlotion and waterproofs in the same bag. Honestly, I ask you!

Hurricanes are awful storms and in truth I wouldn’t wish one on anyone. However, I do love to watch a thunderstorm, or footage of a tornado (particularly if it didn’t hit an urban area) or footage of hurricanes and cyclones.

I do wonder if it’s the knowing that there is something out there in the world that we humans have absolutely no power over, that we have to sit it out if we can or simply run for safety and hope we’ve run in the right direction.

I hate seeing the human side of these events, the suffering and death, but to see the event happen and learn how another part of our world works it exciting and fascinating. So worry not, every time there is a weather or geological event, I do cry over the suffering and if I can I donate money to the official disaster funds.

Not to worry, I have to get on with real life now. Work has to be done, as does house work. Take care!

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3 thoughts on “I do like to grumble about the weather sometimes

  1. Gina Marie

    extreme weather is ALWAYS a blast to witness. move to the US….we are inundated w/ it!!

  2. Oi Gina…. don’t give her any ideas!!! Although we’re up for a cheap holiday if you don’t mind some happy campers!! 😛

  3. Jennifer Coward

    Come and live in Manchester …. no need to worry about the weather, it’s always raining! I’ll pass on the hurricanes but would like some sunshine. What happened to the BBQ summer we were promised in the UK? My flower beds were under 2 inches of water last night 😦

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