Thinking of food

Just lately, I can’t stop thinking of food. Things I can cook, and what people would like me to cook.

Call me crazy, but I’ve got five books near me, one is the Argos catalogue, one is a romance and the others are ALL cookbooks! It’s not as bad as it could be, I have a houseful of books and only about 15 of them are cookbooks, but they are the ones I keep in the living room ready for anyone who has a recipe crisis.

They are, however, the books that I will defend from theft with paint-blistering language – just ask mum and dad! You can pretty much borrow any book of mine, but hands off my cookbooks – and don’t forget to bring the others back or you never borrow anyhting of mine again!

Forgive me. I’m writing this very late at night and it’s very hard to type with a straight face while watching QI presented by the well loved Stephen Fry. I’m laughing my head off, and it makes typing hard work.

Back to food. I should confess to being a regular contributor to Community Cookbook on IVillage. It’s a group of people keen on cooking who shared recipes of all kinds, simple and more complex.

It’s one in the morning and high time I found my bed. Good night all.

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