And the show goes on

By Thursday I’d managed to get rid of most of my cold/whatever it was and was feeling much better. Good thing really, because Dan was coming for his “Meet The Parents” weekend and I was very aware that between a large amount of broken glass and a nasty cold/sinus-type virus the house had got into something of a mess.

In a way, for me it was even more nervy than for Dan, because I was going to see both mothers and have Dee comment on the state of my garden (not cut grass in a couple of months) and my mum would for sure check the bathroom bin and the state of the washing up!

So there was nothing for it but to get the lounge picked up and rattle off as much washing up as possible in the time available before Dan was dropped off on friday afternoon. There wasn’t going to be much time on friday because I’d arranged to work a day shift so that Ted and Dee could drop Dan off and still have time to get to a caravan site and have a good weekend themselves.

As a side note to this, work was going somewhat crazy all week. I got back to work tuesday to general requests to find out if people could work overtime and/or nightshift. Unfortunately with the Dan Weekend looming, there was no way I could work nights or overtime.


Friday was a little crazy. I’d had to get home from work sharpish on thursday night and do some housework and get to bed in time to get for a 9am start at work – and I had designs on a cooked breakfast at work before starting too!

Breakfast was not bad, although I was reminded of the reason why I don’t generally eat fried bread. Started the day and bustled around doing various jobs that aught to have been done yesterday but due to sheer volumes of work and shortage of staff and the fact that I was still getting over my virus just didn’t get done.

I called Dan at lunchtime (as you do when something this big is cracking off) and reminded him of things he might forget and needed to pack. The day really shot by, and before I knew what was going on, it was 3pm and I was still in the lab with a ringing phone that shouldn’t have been ringing and I had to rush off, answer it and get myself home.

The call was actually Dan saying that they wouldn’t arrive until about 4pm, which wasn’t too bad, and did give me time to get the washing up finished and the shoes moved from behind a door to make space for a wheelchair to be stored.

Finally the campervan arrived and there was general unloading and much joshing about the fact that the best place to put the wheelchair for transport was on the bike rack at the back of the van:-  “bet no one tries to claim you don’t need to use a disabled spot at the supermarket!” “no, oddly enough!”

In case you were wondering, yes, Dee and Ted took one look at my garden and commented on the state of the lawn. The reply was that it’s a prairie – probably the best description for it that the time! Yes, it bugs me that I rank lawn mowing at or below my liking for washing up, but that’s life really.

Then finally, we were left alone, and Dan and I were able to enjoy a weekend where we could spend time just being together and not having to wonder what everyone else was thinking.

Maybe I’m just a bit biased, but it was nice. Just pushing him around the supermarket picking up bits for supper and saturday food and introducing him to the bit of my life that he hasn’t until now been able to see.

Welcome to a bit more of my life Dan!

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2 thoughts on “And the show goes on

  1. It’s not just you honey… it was a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to do it again! xxx

  2. Mel Davies

    Hi Rach, sounds like a lovely weekend! Must have been great for the two of you to spend some more time together.

    You sound like me this morning, my Mum and Aunt were coming over and I had about an hour’s worth of washing up to do :-S

    Mel xxx

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