Tuesday, a day of shattering.


As is usually the case, the first day after staying with Dan did not go well. I already had a nasty cold virus, and I had to get a long train journey back to Bedford and wasn’t looking forward to the long hot hike back home when I got off the train. It’s always a bit touch and go as to whether I’ll get to work on time, even if all the trains run on time as they did today.

I made it home in time, and was all set to feed the cats, eat and leave for work when I unlocked the front door.

Turning to put my bags down and say hello to the cats, there was glass everywhere. No sign of forced entry, and no disturbance anywhere, but the glass front on my electric fireplace was shattered and hanging by strips of sticky stuff to the fireplace. About a quarter of the glass had almost literally exploded away from the fire all over furniture and the carpet. There was no way I was going to be on time for work after that, I had to ring work and explain that I had a problem and would be a bit late.

I just couldn’t believe how shocked I was. I did have a very good look a the fireplace and couldn’t see any one point at which the damage could have started.

I went to work, but I did feel well rough. More than one person gave me sideways looks and implied that I really didn’t look well and would I be better off at home? Thing is, straight after a weekend with Dan, the last thing I need is to be sitting at home festering to myself alone!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday, a day of shattering.

  1. Jennifer Coward

    Hope you soon get rid of your cold Rachel. V. strange about the fireplace :-0

  2. Rachel

    It really was Jen! neither of us could work out exactly what might have happened!

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