The Epic Weekend – Sunday

I did think sunday would be fairly quiet after the big day we had on saturday, and I was both right and wrong. It was quiet, but at the same time it was very enjoyable.

We were travelling back to Dan’s place today. It was the end of the weekend in Wales, but we had a nice morning anyway. For the first time over the whole weekend it was sunny over the caravan when we woke up. We had a gentle tea-and-toast breakfast and then headed outside to sun ourselves around the outside table on the patio area with our second cups of tea.

After a while heather decided the metal chairs were a bit uncomfortable and the loungers came out. Heather and I sunned ourselves while Dan and mark talked about gadgetry and Dan got some flip videos of us and the site.

When Heather got a bit too hot to carry on sitting in the sun and headed for the shower I got my camera out and got a final few photos before we all headed toward showering and packing up. Once all our bags were packed and in the car we got out the cleaning stuff and the caravan got it’s “we’re off home” spiff-up. Vacummed, kitchen cleaned, rubbish removed, bathroom done and dust the whole place. Then there was the turn off the gas, water and electricity to leave the place safe. Finally at about 3pm we were all done and ready to drive away.

After a bit of discussion we decided to eat in Bala if somewhere was open, and at a services if not. We were in luck. There’s a lovely little cafe in Bala, styled like an old fashioned pub. The menu was surprisingly extensive and sounded really good. Heather and I had the sunday roast (her pork, me beef!) and Mark and Dan plumped for the pasta and meatballs. It was really filling, so we diddn’t bother with dessert. When the bill came it was a very sensible price for what we’d eaten, and food and drink came in at roughly £7:50 a head.

After filling up with fuel at one of those rare attended-service stations, heather and I hit sweet shop called (appropriately) Cocoa. It didn’t just sell chocolates though, and while Heather stocked up on chocolates, I got some rum and raisin fudge (been craving it a while).

Then we hit the road and made our way out of Bala and Wales and across Northern England. We did sing a slightly early happy birthday to Dan just before leaving Wales, just to make certain he hadn’t been forgotten.

The highlight of the journey for me was travelling along the M62 where it crosses Saddleworth Moor – that being the highest stretch of motorway in the country. We also ended up having a discussion about the more grisly facts of Saddleworth Moor (the moors murders – apologies to people who do not wish to be reminded of them)

We got back to Dan’s in good time and got the luggage indoors. Since we’d had a big lunch and were still very full, Dan and I absconded to bed with strawberries and cream and tried to sleep in the knowledge that we had another big day tomorrow (Dan'[s birthday proper

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