The Epic Weekend – Saturday

There was rain over friday night, and saturday dawned dull and misty and damp and unimpressive. The BBC implied that the weather was local, and I thought it looked as though we could drive out of it and find nice weather and good things to do.

Breakfast was a big cooked affair and after the shower marathon (4 people all taking high-speed turns in the shower so we could get out before it got too late) we loaded up the car, checked the map and decided on Aberdyffi on the coast. I think it ended up me deciding where to go because no one else wanted to be that brave! It took quite a time to get there, mainly because the sat-nav couldn’t always see the satellite due to the surrounding mountains and so it occasionally sent us wrong and had to turn us around again.

The BBC was right on it’s thinking about the weather, it brightened up within half an hour of leaving the campsite and stayed that way. Beckie sent me a text just as we parked up, so I rubbed in the point that she was a long way from Wales and I was about to go paddling – come on, it has to be done; why else would I carry a mobile phone? Wheelchair set up and Dan sat in it, we trekked off in search of sunglasses, sun lotion, toilets and something to eat.

Aberdyffi High St isn’t bad, and we found a little shop that sold smoothies, milkshakes, ice creams and all sort of other things, so we got Dan a mint aero milkshake, me some ice cream and heather and Dan had something similar and I can’t remember exactly what it was! The sunglasses took some hunting because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Heather had her heart set on a bag she found in one particular shop, and then we wandered down the street and looked around a little art gallery set just a bit back from the sea front. That was really nice, looking at different peoples artwork and learning about how Dan’s taste and mine varies (he really likes bold colours and slightly abstract stuff, I prefer pictures that you can tell what they are meant to be).

Then it was time for some beach time. We set Heather and Dan on the benches at the top of the beach and Mark and I wandered off to put our feet in the sea. It was cool but not freezing, with very little swell. Mark and I chatted for a while and tried to tempt the others down, but they were quite content to sit and watch and not get sand all over their feet. Poor things. I couldn’t help but think that it was as near to perfect as I could have got. Sunshine, sea, mountains and my boyfriend all at the same time and on one day!

We headed back to the caravan to do the usual freshen up for dinner, but by that time Dan had a migraine, so we cancelled the table at the curry house and picked out what we wanted and ate it as a takeaway instead. It was very edible. As time went on though, the gentle rain that had started just as Heather and Mark left to get the curry morphed into torrential rain. I think that maybe Dan’s migraine was due to the weather, as it got so heavy that it cut the satellite signal completely right in the middle of someone’s comedy roadshow. We moved on to wine and pub quiz questions and finally hit our beds around 11pm.

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