The Epic Weekend – Friday

Friday started very gently after the long journeys of Thursday.

We got up and cleared the lounge so that Heather and the home-visit chiropodist could meet before baths and breakfast and packing to leave for Wales.

In the middle of all this there came a text asking Heather how could she be off for the weekend on the day the news of Micheal Jackson’s death broke! Heather works for ITV you see, so Friday morning would have been really busy but she wasn’t there, she was giggling over her non-MJ music collection, finding something to take for the journey. We didn’t really talk about it, as the widely differing viewpoints on MJ and his life would have given rise to an argument I think!

The chiropodist came and went, Mark and heather got themselves packed, and we set off for Wales. As with most car journeys, it was a bit long and boring; and I was privately worrying about travelsickness in a car that belonged to a lady I’d known less than 24 hours! We managed to spend time on what felt like every motorway in Northern England! I didn’t make notes of the journey. To be honest, one motorway is much like another; same cones, different scenery tends to be my opinion of them.

Finally we entered Wales, with lovely scenery and the normal bilingual signs. Heather stopped off for some food from one of the farm shops on the route – Rhugg Estate if I remember rightly. From there we drove on through Bala and out to the caravan park. It was stunning. Mountains right outside the window, nothing but a pane of glass to block the view. Mark and Dan laughed at me for walking straight to the main window and sitting down to star at the mountain 2 fields away, but I couldn’t help it.

Much as I love the sea, mountains are special places. They put the life you think as stressful into perspective and help you leave it all behind. I can’t help but take a deeper breath and smile. To make things even better, there was a stream running right by the caravan, so we had the sound of a tiny fast stream as well as the sight of a mountain or ten. Bliss.

We rested and freshened up and went out for a pub dinner nearby. I wasn’t best impressed by having to wait an hour for dinner. I kid you not, we waited an hour – I checked my watch! Other than that the food was good, but by the time we’d finished the main course we were far too tired to think of eating a dessert, which was annoying, because the main course was wonderful, and you could only imagine how the desserts might have tasted.

Back from the pub we chilled out with the TV and a pub quiz game and a few glasses of something nice before heading for bed

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