The epic weekend – Thursday

There’s a lot to report, and this will definitely become several posts; so here we go!

Thursday was the beginning of 5 days of holiday. Time to be with Dan, relax and help him celebrate turning 28. Such milestones cannot be ignored and really must be rubbed in properly!

I got the train as usual just a little later than normal, and met Dan and his parents as normal. Then the fun began. We went to Newby Hall near Ripon, North Yorkshire. I learned a lot about good surfaces for pushing wheelchairs on there. Newby hall has beautiful gardens, and I took a lot of photos of vistas, the railway, the River Ure, the long borders, roses, trees, you name it! I could have stayed a lot longer.

It’s a beautiful garden, well worth the visit. My only thought was that it would have been nice to see the house too, but there just wasn’t time, with my not being able to get an early train, the distance involved and the fact that we needed to eat on the way.

Having left Newby Hall, we travelled on to Heather and Marks house, where Dan and I would be dropped off to spend the night before the 4 of us got in the car and drove to Wales on Friday. I fell asleep on the way. Travelling is something that tires me out I’ve noticed, and I had a pretty early start to the day before all that travelling too!

We got to Heather’s just in time for her to get home from work and chatted in her kitchen while she cooked pasta for tea and discussed important things like how Dan and I met, what to do in the morning, did we have a leaving time, what was on TV this evening and how long before “baby T” arrived!

After tea we sat and watched Mark sort out the fish and then watched part of a DVD before I realised I really was too tired to try and make any sense of the comedy running before me, and I gave up. Not long after that Mark set up the airbed that turned the lounge into a bedroom for us. One more cup of tea and then the house was silent as all of us tried to get some sleep before The Weekend started for real!

Trust me, I was really tired!

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