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Coolest cat ever!

I got home from work last night and just as I was opening the door I remembered that I needed to go straight back out and buy cat food. It’s a staple in this house, two thirds of the occupants won’t eat anything else.

Anyway. I picked up the shopping bag, relocked the door and started walking. Then a small black and white streak shot across the carpark. Jewel had decided that as I hadn’t fed her, she would escort me wherever I was going to make sure she got fed.

She literally followed me right to the Tesco gate. It’s only a matter of a 10 minutes walk, but a lot of that walk is beside a relatively busy road and onto a busy shop site where huge lorries come in to make deliveries.

I was really surprised to be honest, she did this once before but not for a very long time, and I hadn’t expected it at all. Anyway, she waited for me at the site entrance, and when I came back she escorted me home again, by which point I decided she was clever enough (or persistent enough!) to deserve her supper, so I fed them both!

I just couldn’t get over the fact that she was prepared to go to a noisy, scarey place, full of the cars she is very scared of because I was going that way and she wanted to be sure I came back and fed her.

I love my moggy.

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How dare we?

I’m watching the news as I type this. A huge military plane has just flown home four more soldiers lost in action.

I’ve heard the comments from the families involved, the pride they have in thier son or thier husband for going out and doing a very hard job.

My thinking is that if those people who are grieving can still be proud of the armed forces and the job they are doing, how dare we as unrelated civilians complain because we think a particular war is wrong? Surely they have more of a right because they have and had more to lose for the war?

I intend to make it my mission to be there at Wootton Bassett to welcome those heroes home sometime very soon.

They do a very hard job, and risk death so we don’t have to. If we do not want to risk being killed because the war has come to us, we have to let them do their jobs, and we should be proud of them for doing it.  I know that I am.

*and breathe*

There. I’ve said my bit, and you can comment if you like, but this is one thing I do feel very strongly about.

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Going shopping

I went shopping on Saturday. I’ve got a series of events to go to and I didn’t have an outfit that was suitable for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs.

I’m something of an oddity I think. I don’t like trawling through shop after shop. I don’t mind loooking in six shop in the high street, but the idea of having to go though every shop in town to find a dress, shoes, jacket-type thing, stockings, jewellery, and do so is so frustrating as to be repellant.I think I’d prefer to buy the stuff online to be honest, but this time around I didn’t.

I was very surprised at who had a decent range and who did not. I wasn’t looking at prices, I was going to buy a nice outfit and I was prepared to spend good money to make sure I looked nice on the day. Continue reading

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I do like to grumble about the weather sometimes

I probably shouldn’t post this at all, and will probably be villified by all who are affected by this, but I’m impatient for the hurricane season to start, and harbour a bit of a desire to witness one myself. See, I said I shouldn’t say that.

This complaint probably arises from the unsettled nothing-y weather we have at the moment, never long wet, never long dry. Can’t go out and enjoy the weather without a whole variety of weather stuff, sunlotion and waterproofs in the same bag. Honestly, I ask you!

Hurricanes are awful storms and in truth I wouldn’t wish one on anyone. However, I do love to watch a thunderstorm, or footage of a tornado (particularly if it didn’t hit an urban area) or footage of hurricanes and cyclones.

I do wonder if it’s the knowing that there is something out there in the world that we humans have absolutely no power over, that we have to sit it out if we can or simply run for safety and hope we’ve run in the right direction.

I hate seeing the human side of these events, the suffering and death, but to see the event happen and learn how another part of our world works it exciting and fascinating. So worry not, every time there is a weather or geological event, I do cry over the suffering and if I can I donate money to the official disaster funds.

Not to worry, I have to get on with real life now. Work has to be done, as does house work. Take care!

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I call that a success really

Yes, today was the day the girlfriend cooked for the family.

Dan and I made the much-talked-of carrot cake, and we had it at afternoon tea time still warm (actually hot) from the oven. Went down a storm with everyone, even me! I haven’t made it for a few weeks and I’d kind of forgotten how good it tastes, so to eat warm carrot cake and love it, and have three other people round me declaring that it was good was no bad thing!

After a round of golf on the Wii sports, we went back in the kitchen and did the roast chicken a la Jamie Oliver, with lemon and herbs.  I loved seeing Dan being all tentative and then finding how easy it is to make a roast dinner that tastes really good. It was also highly amusing to dash in and out of the game of golf to put veg to cook and then again to sear the asparagus. It did occur to me that you could only play golf and still cook dinner if you had Wii Sports – and I wish I had house space for a Wii, only my shoebox just isn’t big enough, I’d break a window for sure!

When it was served up, chicken, new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, gravy, it didn’t stay on the plates long! I was so pleased to see that. I do worry. I know the food I like to eat and I worry whether my tastes are weird or just different or not, you ust know how it is when you’re getting to know a new group of people. I needn’t have worried, it was nice, they liked it and it dissappeared!

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The barbecue in the barn – sorry, grainstore!

I’m back where I like to be. At Dan’s.

The latest news is that when I got here we whisked off up the road to Mark and Andrea’s farm to attend an early birthday barbecue for Mark. Being a farmer, he can’t always celebrate his birthday on the day due to the work load of the farm.

Due to the current changeable weather we didn’t have the barbecue outside. It’s windy and wet (typical English summer really!), and with the number of children attending it was wiser to hold the event in the grainstore so everyone was out of the way of the not-so-happy weather.

I met a whole lot of people, and I certainly can’t remember many names; but it was nice to eat and drink and argue about formula one with other people that Dan obviously knew and got on with. (and win an arguent with Dan, aided by a friend or twwo of his!)

I’m sitting in Dan’s conservatory as I type this, listening to the rain on the roof and wondering if it’ll actually stay dry for long enough for me to go and sit on the river bank today at any point, or whether I’ll stay here in the conservatory where it’s warm and gets hot any time the sun comes out. It’s spent a fair bit of time raining, much to the discontent of the occupants of this house. Ted and Dee like to be outside in the garden and Dan and I like to be on the patio or on the riverbank watching the tide go by and talking.

Oops, no, I have a cake to bake and a chicken to roast today, so no, I won’t be sitting anywhere for any great length of time! Not to worry, the cake is my current all-time favourite and I happen to know it’ll go down well today… 🙂

Wherever you are today, enjoy the day.

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Thinking of food

Just lately, I can’t stop thinking of food. Things I can cook, and what people would like me to cook.

Call me crazy, but I’ve got five books near me, one is the Argos catalogue, one is a romance and the others are ALL cookbooks! It’s not as bad as it could be, I have a houseful of books and only about 15 of them are cookbooks, but they are the ones I keep in the living room ready for anyone who has a recipe crisis.

They are, however, the books that I will defend from theft with paint-blistering language – just ask mum and dad! You can pretty much borrow any book of mine, but hands off my cookbooks – and don’t forget to bring the others back or you never borrow anyhting of mine again!

Forgive me. I’m writing this very late at night and it’s very hard to type with a straight face while watching QI presented by the well loved Stephen Fry. I’m laughing my head off, and it makes typing hard work.

Back to food. I should confess to being a regular contributor to Community Cookbook on IVillage. It’s a group of people keen on cooking who shared recipes of all kinds, simple and more complex.

It’s one in the morning and high time I found my bed. Good night all.

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On cakes

Slice of cake

I love cakes. I even enjoy baking them too.

My latest very favourite is carrot cake. The recipe is courtesy of Molly. Yes, it’s an American recipe, and the measurements are in cups rather than weights, but I have to confess to quite liking that. I find it refreshing by way of a change. Cups are easier to wash up than my balancing scale and take much less space too!

Anyway, back to this cake. My tweak is to serve it warm from the oven with no icing and I also changed pecans for walnuts. The final flavour is very similar and it gives it a bit more of an English twist.

I last made is a few weeks ago and served it to Ted, Dee and Dan, and I have a craving to make it again, so I’m going to do that this weekend.

I look forward to making a happy mess in Dee’s beautiful kitchen. It’s bigger than my living room and it makes me think of an old fashioned kitchen, the kind of place that really is the hub of the home. I’ll also be cooking Sunday dinner in there, if my memory of other talks this last week or two serves me correctly!

Sorry that you won’t be able to partake of my cake, but do feel free to have a look at the recipe link and make it yourself!

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My printer

bridge at lostwithiel

I love taking photos, and I love printing them for framing in my home and for other people to keep.

I only mention it because I saw this picture in my gallery today and realised that I’d had it for a while and never actually printed it for the wall. I’ve had it as a PC wallpaper at work and at home, but never printed for other people to see. Well, I fixed that today and it’s all framed and waiting for my wall.

Thing is, all you people out on the big wide web can’t see inside my house (those of you who know me are probably glad – tidy I am not!), so I thought I’d put it here for you to enjoy too.

It’s from May 2008, when I visited my Grandparents and my auntie took me car-booting one day. There wasn’t much in the way of carboots to find, but we did stop in at Lostwithiel. The nice thing about Lostwithiel is that it has a river that’s quite shallow and gravelly and perfect for children to splash in wearing wellies.

I took more than a few pictures of the river and the children and their parents, and to be really honest, this one is one of my favourites.

Anyway, back to my printer. I like it, and it does the job, but I just don’t use it enough and the jets get blocked. Note to self – print more photos!

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Days that go too quickly

It’s been an odd week this week. I’ve had to keep checking which day it is repeatedly through the day, and it really didn’t feel like friday this morning. As a result I had to rush into work with dripping wet hair and no food. Not the best.

As is always the case with Fridays there was lots to do and a lot less time than usual to do it, and in addition a meeting that no one had expected just before the end of the day.

I know I’m tired. The days have been going very quickly and that’s always a sign to me that I’m getting tired and rundown. I also haven’t had much down-time lately, with going to see Dan and having the long weekend, and then four days after I got home and dealt with the damaged fireplace Dan came to see me.

No slight to Dan, but having lived alone for as long as I have, sharing time and space with someone is very tiring; no matter how kind, gentle and considerate they are. It takes a fair bit of getting used to, but as you can imagine I’m determined to get used to it again.

All that aside, I have a home weekend that doesn’t have any overtime booked, and Dan has put me under orders to rest, so I shall. I also plan to get into town and buff up my makeup collection a bit and see if I can find an affordable pair of shoes that will do for parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs.

I have a selection of events coming up and I don’t appear to have any decent footwear apart from a pair of flipflop style sandals with a low heel and I’d really like to find something nice to wear other than a pair of £2:50 flipflops from Tesco, wearable as they are!

Have a good weekend, and remember that there will be rain soon so take your umbrella!

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