Welsh Wales here I come (well kinda!)

It’s Dan’s Birthday coming up, and he and I are off with his cousin and her husband for a weekend to Snowdonia National Park. I’m starting the journey on Thursday to join him and then on friday morning we’re off to Wales.

Well, normally I pack for a weekend with Dan the night before, or even on the morning that I’m getting the train. Not 2 days early! Thing is, it’s his birthday, and I’m away for more than double the normal amount of time and I’ve got to make sure the keys are with my lovely catsitter; and I need to make sure I’ve got enough clothes too. Oh, and I’m still working today and tomorrow, so I still have to sort my normal daily routine out too!

So that’s me. I’ll not be able to post while I’m away, but rest assured that I’ll definitely do a big update when I return, and there should be some photos to go with it too!

I know this post is only a very short one, but I thought since I’ve started posting daily, I really aught to keep people in the know on it.

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2 thoughts on “Welsh Wales here I come (well kinda!)

  1. Helen

    You do write beautifully Rach 🙂
    (Dan sounds like a nice bloke)

  2. Rachel

    Hi Helen – I would have to own up to being thoroughly biased here, but I think he’s great!

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