Unexpected surprises from Top Gear

I gave in on Sunday night and watched Top Gear. I don’t normally bother because Jeremy has an amazing ability to wind me up, even while I find Richard and James great.

I had it on silent most of the time, so I could find out what was going on with The Stig. If you recall from the trailers, The Stig was supposed to remove his helmet on last night’s show. Well, he did. However, I don’t believe that Michael Schumacher is The Stig. Sorry to all Schumacher fans, but I really don’t. I was expecting Sabine Schmitz in all honesty. When they said it would be a shock, I was wondering what could be more of a shock than to find The Stig was a woman; but to be honest, it was an anticlimax.

The best bit for me was watching the three-way race to Edinburgh. Jeremy with his flying start and team of experienced crew, James with his jaguar and Richard with his bike.

Poor Richard on the bike. I knew he’d get frozen and cramped on it. He has learned the hard way not to try and meet your heroes, because you just get let down by them, and I think that probably happened this time. Cold, wet, cramps, breaking down and then being thoroughly beaten by both of the others!

Jeremy must have had a hard go of it too, shovelling coal for that length of time is back-breaking, as well as hot and dirty. I hope it wasn’t his dream, because he was so tired at the end, and so filthy from coal and soot. I did feel sorry for him for a change. Normally I just think serves you right or laugh at him, but he did fight very hard on it, and it was clearly a lot harder than he ever thought it would be.

I did think that James would do well, although I didn’t suspect he’d win. I did believe he would enjoy the run. He was so happy, running a beautiful old car up the road to Scotland. It really struck me that even if he hadn’t won the race he would have been happy pootling up there in that beautiful old car and simply getting there at some stage.

That ending, with Jeremy running from the train, knocking people over right and left to get to the hotel first; only to find that James – Captain Slow – had won the race, was pure class. I loved it. “It’s OK to say Oh, Cock.” I think it was the look all over his face that said “I Beat Jezza, and not only did I beat him, but I hid and let him think he’d done it until he was almost at the bar!” Sheer class.

James, if I ever meet you, I want to shake your hand. that was very nicely done.

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One thought on “Unexpected surprises from Top Gear

  1. You only thought it was Sabine after I’d said so! Although, to be fair, you did think it might be a woman. A great show as always, and theyve changed the theme music again – it’s even more Jessica-ish now đŸ™‚

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