On boyfriends and bike crashes

Why should Dan have the last word on this I ask myself?

I suppose he was able to have the first word becasue he was witness to it in a way and because he was at his computer at the time.

I went to work on Sunday. I need overtime pay to clear a particular one-off bill I have coming. Trouble is, I worked an early shift. That meant getting up at 5am, and I have trouble sleeping before 11pm; hence I had a fairly short night and a very early start indeed.

I got to work safely enough, and out of kindness didn’t call Dan when the alarm went off. The morning went fairly smoothly, Jas and I co-ordinate quite well. She knows the machines really well, and I have enough knowledge to run them as long as they don’t fall over and break down badly. Because I was tired, Jas got me to take a break; and I gave Dan a call and whinged about not getting a Ted Special Breakfast, and in return heard about the various Father’s Day gifts Ted had “found” around the house when he got up.

End of shift came, I signed out, chatted with security and unlocked the bike for the trip home, all while talking with Dan on the mobile phone. So far, so good. Then it all started to go downhill a bit. I got going well enough, but a sunny sunday in the country park brings its own hazards and I had to negotiate dogs and their owners as well as control a bike with one hand because I currently don’t have a handsfree kit.

About a third of the way round the park, karma caught up with me, and I hit the low parapet of a flat bridge (over the lake overflow for those who know the park I’m talking of) whilst trying to avoid some walkers. I over-corrected and had an abrupt meeting with the tarmac, lunchbag and all! I dropped the phone, smacked a knee hard on the ground and got the traditional grazed hands trying to prevent myself damaging my bike.

The walkers rushed up to check on me, and I held out the phone and said “tell him I’m OK!” so she did while I dragged myself off the bike and picked everything off the ground. There was no blood to be seen, so having had my phone back from the kind lady and reassured everyone that I was a bit shaken but otherwise OK, I ignored their suggestion of sitting down for a bit and walked the bike out of the park and home again.

Well, not quite straight home. You see, in a week or so, it’s Dan’s birthday. I couldn’t go to see him this weekend and not have a gift for him now could I!

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