A monday like a spring forecast!

Monday was a nightmare. I know it’s now friday, but it’s taken this long for me to calm down and order things in my head to be able to talk about it; but again, so much happened and there was so much turmoil in my head that I need to write it down to make sense of it and also so I have a benchmark on how rough mondays can get!

Due to the heat all day sunday I didn’t get much sleep on sunday night. As a result I was tired before I even reached the train station. Ted dropped me off in Loncoln as usual, and I went in only to find that the train I would be getting on was stoppping at Newark Castle and I’d have to get the rail replacement coach to Nottingham and I’d probably not manage to get to Loughborough in time to get the train home, thus I would be late for work.

In addition, I got a call from work because there was a case of misplaced paperwork and it was possible I knew where it was. I didn’t, I had given it to someone else on friday and they’d misfiled it!

There was nothing for it but to get on with it, but I was already tense. I was fretting about how to get to work and whether I’d be on time, and in addition worrying about the paperwork that was lost, even though I was sure it wasn’t me that had moved it. There wasn’t a chance to call Dan either, since monday is one of the days when he works at the same company as his mother.

There was a great deal of incompetence going on at the station where we had to get off and go on to the coach, and I could feel the minutes slipping by. I knew which coach we had to get on and the organiser kept umming and ahhing and generally being a bit of an idiot, but we got on the coach eventually and got under way. On arrival in Nottingham things actually started to look up. The train to Loughborough and/or Bedford was one and the same and at the platform. I even managed to get my prebooked seat, not bad at all. So I did get back to Bedford without incident and got a taxi home as I had originally decided.

I got in, sorted food and drink and got ready to leave for work. Then the next disaster struck. I locked the house, went to unlock the bike and found that some impoverished person had made off with the saddle for my bike. Call me naive and trusting, but I always understood that locking your bike to a wall right outside your home meant it would be safe. Not so, it would seem; you have to cement everything down, even in a low crime area! I called the bike shop to try and get a replacement saddle but there was no answer, so I had to cycle in sitting on the luggage rack!

I am not normally a person to swear my head off, but you can imagine the way my feelings were going being tired and dealing with what felt like a war against me having a good day.

Fortunately the rest of the day wasn’t too bad. Mostly it was difficult simply because I was already tired and tense from the previous mishaps but work itself wasn’t actually bad in itself. Micheal, the star of the day, borrowed a saddle and seatpost off an abandoned bike at work and set it on my bike so I’d be able to get around until I could get one that fitted properly.

Overall, It was a real mixed bag of a day, it did get better, but it was thoroughly marred by the early mishaps and the tiredness from trying to sleep in the heat. Here’s hoping I can avoid another day like it for a while!

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