Sunday with Dan and the riverside

After the excitement of Saturday, Sunday was a welcome relief.

It was a really sunny day, very hot; and Dan and I spent a good part of the day sitting at the top of the bank outside the house just watching the river do what it wanted to do and talking.

It was wonderful. It felt as though everything that was bothering me was hundreds of miles away and I had an oasis of peace for as long as I wanted it. Nothing was more important that spending time just being still, allowing the stillness of nature to percolate through my head.

Ted, it has to be said, is a great cook. Every meal he produced was a no fuss tasty affair, whether it was a cooked sunday breakfast or a barbecue style meal on the patio. Thank you Ted!

Ted and Dee spent the majority of the day working on the garden, planting a tree and some bedding-style plants around a new koi pond. Trees are big heavy things to plant, so while Dan enjoyed the sun I gave a hand getting the thing into the hole that Ted and Dee had dug! Dan and I took drinks at intervals to them at intervals, to help with the heat factor.

It felt like paradise all day. I can’t remember the last time I was just able to “be” around a man. It was sheer bliss, just resting, enjoying his company and being able to recharge for a day. I imagine the great weather helped with the mood, but I blame 90% of it on having found one of those rare men who can understand what I’m thinking and how my brain works.

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