The flaming weather!

What in the world is going on with the weather?

Rain and wind should be happening in April, not May! I should be able to at least consider going camping, but if it’s not raining, it’s blowing a gale, and if it’s not doing either of those it’s dark, and the moments of sun we do get are usually in the middle of one of the gales!

Probably just as well that I’ve planned to delay my camping trip until September. Still planning/hoping to go to Sennen Cove again, but I’m just a bit lax this year; and I haven’t booked the train or the campsite yet, but then last year I went in August and train seats and camping pitches are at a premium then.

All that whinging aside, I’m going to Mum’s this weekend; having not been to see her since Dad and David’s joint parties. Bless her heart, she’s missing me and complaining a bit that she hasn’t heard from me for ages, but I have been busy in just about all aspects of life and calling people has unconciously slipped off the radar a bit. I need to talk more about what’s been happening, but I’ll keep that for next week I think – it will be worth the wait, I promise!

Anyway, about this weekend. Being a bank holiday, I’m going over to Mum’s to join in with her Church’s bank holiday weekend celebration. I’m going to be so tired – meeting 1800 or so people non-stop for 3 days has that effect; but more importantly, I may well be camping in her garden due to the numbers of other friends arriving to shorten the journey to the same celebration! Camping in Mum’s garden means I get more camping time in, a bit more privacy, and birdsong first thing. I’ll take the camera with me, because Mum’s garden is massive and beautiful and I love it.

I’ve started baking again, and best of all, I have friends to help me eat the results. Good that I have friends to get out and see, and better that they like what I bake in my wee little shoebox of a house! I need to talk more about my friends, they are a very precious commodity, and I am sure they don’t feel sufficiently valued…

Final piece of good news – I’ve found a foolproof method of coping with work and life in general, but you will have to come back next week to hear more about it!

Edit: Mum has just confirmed that I will be camping in the garden – woo hoo! relative peace and quiet amid the mayhem!

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2 thoughts on “The flaming weather!

  1. Karen

    so long as ur home for my wedding young lady!

  2. Raecheybaby

    As IF I’d let you get married without being there to supervise! Of course I’ll be there, I’ve actually shunted around the days so I can be certain of being there!

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