The highs and lows of being a cyclist

You know what really bugs me most? It got to be the way that everyone decides to get the car out and go in caravan with the rest of the universe when I’m just a bit late going somewhere!

Doesn’t matter that I’m going to be late for work, the rest of the world has decided Tesco is the place to be, so I have to wait for the whole blasted lot to go by and then give myself heart attack tying to catch up the time I lost while these inconsiderate people drove past and made me wait!

Of course, there is revenge. If I know I’m a little behind time I simply foil all the drivers by using the nearest zebra crossing to get to the correct side of the road for the direction I’m going in, then they have to wait for me! Sheer genius; really ticks off the drivers and theres nothing they can do but wait!

I still maintain that I prefer using the bike. I stay fit at no extra cost, no extra insurance, no fuel, no tax, no parking to pay. I really do love it. I can use routes not available to drivers, and because I’m travelling slower I see things that a driver never would. I also get less mental fatigue than car drivers, but only marginally more physical fatigue (5 years daily cycling does give you stamina)

Then there’s the plain funny, that makes the whole world laugh; like on Tuesday, when I went shopping and had to do a store-cupboard stock-up. I ended up with 6 of those big Tesco reusable bags, some in blue, some the hessian sort, two zip up cool bags and a couple of those clip along the top padded ones, good for chilled stuff. How in the heck do you get all that on a bike, get it home and put it away and still be on time for work?

Well, a case of PMT helps, but it worked out that there were 3 bags on one handlebar, 4 bags on the other, one each side of the saddle, one – plus a tray of cat food – on the rear rack and finally a bag of bottles on my arm because I couldn’t fit it anywhere else! I did pay though, my back and arms hurt for 2 solid days until I remembered the arnica I keep telling everyone else to take!

This week has gone fairly well on the whole I think; no tears, lots of sunshine. Payday happened so shopping happened, which is always good; even if it’s only food shopping, its still retail therapy in my book!

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