My favourite time of day, and impossible to photograph. I’ve just been outside to get a breath of air, and it’s so still.

The sky is a beautiful shade of blue, definitely not day, but not the navy of late evening. The stars are out and just about sparkling. It’s only just dark enough to see them. The birds are singing. Being a cat owner, the birds stay well out of my sight. I think they know that there may be a cat following me!

There’s very little wind; and because it’s almost dark and not summer, most people don’t fancy braving the 13C chill to experience the peace that twilight has to offer. Personally I’d love to put on some thicker clothes and take a candle lantern outside and just sit. That in print, I think I just might in a minute, along with a cup of coffee.

I would talk about what’s been going on since I last blogged, but it’s far too depressing to share, Low morale at work and depression at home. Once again the house is a bombsite. I’m hoping that I can get to grips with things this week, I’ve taken friends’ advice and started taking St Johns Wort to try and help. I did get the laundry done, but then I have to be a long way down before can’t face doing laundry. Dishes and general tidiness fall by the way first by a long way, but clean clothes and personal hygiene are important enough to me that I can usually find a way to get them done.

Right. That’s all I’m prepared to say about the bad stuff from this week. I reread what I write here, and I cannot afford to type reams of depressing stuff; it’s really bad for me to read it, drags me down for ages.

I did make a really nice carrot cake this week. It’s truly good enough to consider as a regular thing. Kind of good really since everything chocolate has had to leave the repertiore hastily! Means I have a good ginger cake, carrot cake, fruit cake, victoria sponge and scones of most varieties as well as cookies. I’ve started cooking properly again, rather than just reheating or cooking from frozen.

Right; I’m now going to find a jumper and go outside for a bit more peace!

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