…Man, I hate that…

Heard Shania Twain sing? I think I can sum up today in one of her songs – “Honey I’m Home” – it was one of those.

I was late leaving for work because I couldn’t find my music player, my mobile phone and some hair bands. I got held up at every corner on the way in – I live right next to Tesco and it seems that if I’m five minutes late leaving for work everyone, but everyone, takes the opportunity to drive past me and make me later still! Get past the traffic, into the country park, step on the pedals and – nope, brakes. The Easter break means that every mother in town has dragged her children and their bikes and trikes out along my route. I tell you, dogs are a breeze by comparison!

I really wasn’t looking forward to going back today at all. I’ve had three long weekends one after the other; and when you’re getting a fair bit of stress at work it really doesn’t make you fancy hurrying back you know?

Stayed in that depressed/grumpy/whatever mood until about 6pm when “Honey I’m Home” started playing in my head – the way these things do. Pretty much summed it up really, lots of stupid little things trying to spoil the day; but hey, I’m going home at the end of the day, Oliver and Jewel will be pleased to see me and I’ve got some nice drinks and snacks in the fridge too!

Oddly enough nothing really bothered me that much for the next four hours. Best of all, I am home now, I have a coffee to hand (of course) and I’ve watched a bit of TV and I’m chatting with some really good people. I’ll go to bed some time in the next hour and do it all again tomorrow, but tomorrow’s not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week. It’s all downhill from here!

The only niggle I have is that rain is coming and my hip hurts a bit and so I’m staggering around the house loking a little odd. I’m sure the cats are laughing at me but so what? I’m really not fussed about it, the pain will go as soon as the rain comes and I’m actually in the mood to enjoy rain (best hang out the banners, I generally hate it being a cyclist!)

Oh yes, and there’s “me friendly” choc chip cookies to go with the coffee too!

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