All is not quite lost

I’m having another low time. I don’t think I’m depressed, I’m just sniffly and tired and I’m not getting decent sleep to deal with it. I keep thinking I’m coming down with a cold for the first time in ages, but then it vanishes completely and I’m left wondering if it was hayfever.

I did pull myself together sufficiently to bake chocolate chip cookies with white choclate. They aren’t quite the same as normal choc chip cookies, but they still taste OK. The however is that I did manage to burn six and my eyes sting like heck because of the smoke (and my oven needs cleaning too).

I went into town around midday. My house phones bit the dust recently, the cordless phone won’t charge properly and the corded phone’s micophone doesn’t pick up sound properly. Nothing for it in the end, so I’ve got a couple of new phones now. I’m still charging up the cordless phone, but things look OK so far. I bought a National Geographic magazine while I was out; and even though I’m not able to concentrate properly on it, it was good to at least flick through. Maybe all is not quite lost!

I originally had plans to bake a carrot cake tomorrow, but I have a feeling it won’t happen. I haven’t any icing sugar although I have everything else, but in this frame of mind that’s enough to stop me bothering. I do have an apointment with BBC1 and the Easter Day service from Southwark Cathdral in the morning. Maybe that will lift me and I’ll be more inclined to do other things.

It’s the first Easter I’ve ever not been with my family and physically at Church every day for 3 days and it is a very odd feeling. I don’t plan on doing this again, that much is very sure.

I do apologise. I’ve just read back what I’ve typed, and I sound like a whinging child. Maybe the child treatment of warm drink and bed is what I need. Time for a lemsip. I can’t be doing with feeling not quite right and doing nothing about it.

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