To new experiences

Yesterday was some day. I spent part of the day hand writing a blog to post when I got home, and then got so busy I had no space to even think of blogs. Not sure how it happened, but I arrived at work soaking wet and expecting bad tempers and boredom, and actually got fairly good moods and lots to do. The lots to do turned out to be interesting stuff too, stuff that I never expected to learn or do, particularly at this stage of the game, but I did it and it was quite good fun!

The one dissappointment in the day was that my haemoglobin level was just not quite high enough to donate blood. Having been such an unwell child, donating blood feels like my way to say thanks to the NHS for keeping me alive as a wee one – and a way to make sure someone else gets the chance to stay alive too.

Today, well, I haven’t been to work yet; but I’m still in a happy frame of mind. My kitchen is clean(!) right down as far as the floor, and I cooked a tasty, fairly healthy lunch of chicken and 4 veggies and potatoes, and promptly made two salads for eating at work.

I really am not to sure where this frame of mind has come from, and I really pray that I don’t crash out, because I like it a lot. I am proving daily to myself how much nicer it is to live in a clean and tidy home, cook proper meals and wash up before I get tired and don’t want to.

Best get dressed though, the boss won’t appreiciate tiger pyjamas turning up to work…

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